Eastern Shore’s Most Famous Sign?

As some of you may know, my family is from Tilghman Island.  In the last few weeks if it comes up in conversation that my family is from Tilghman, or the person already knows, I’m asked, “Have you seen ‘The Sign’?”.

What sign?
Erected in front of a home about 3/4 mile north of Knapps Narrows Bridge, the owner obviously has no love for either our president or our governor.  Given the fact that Talbot County residents were subjected to BOTH property tax and income tax hikes thanks to Martin O’Malley and his Democrat minions, it’s little wonder there’s no love for the governor.  Higher federal tax rates and a crippling national debt may explain less that charitable feelings towards the president.
Perhaps the owners should have added a cute little graphic and copyrighted it?  Oh wait!  Both Obama and O’Malley would have wanted the newly earned cash.  Another “Lesson in Socialism“.
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