Jimmy’s Respect for the Taxpayer–Part 1

Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton LOVES to spend money – OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY.  Being a lifelong government employee, Ireton sees nothing wrong with doling our cash because, in his mind, there is ALWAYS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM.

Today’s example – Salisbury’s Thrift Travel Inn

This infamous haven for hookers and drug dealers, Salisbury’s poster child for rent-by-the-hour, no-tell lodging luxury was finally demolished last November.

That’s a good thing, right?  In the end it was; but not if the city had done it “Jimmy’s Way”.

Ireton brought a proposal to the city council calling for the hardworking people of Salisbury to pay for the demolition.  Why not?  It’s other people’s money.  The evil, obstructionist council, led by Debbie Campbell, said NO!

Why would they do that?  Those mean, nasty people on city council thought that it was more appropriate for the property’s owners to pay for it.  Shame on you Debbie Campbell!  You took away another opportunity for Jimmy to call a press conference!

Of course, this hasn’t prevented Ireton from taking all of the credit during his campaign for re-election.  I wonder if this is another of Jake Day’s examples that the “mayor needs a partner”.

If Salisbury has any hope of revitalizing its economy, it deserves a Mayor AND a Council that respects the hardworking people and businesses of Salisbury.  These are the folks who pay the bills.

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