Jim Ireton’s Respect for the Salisbury Taxpayer – Part 2

Giving YOUR Money Away to a Select Few

Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton LOVES to spend other people’s money.  OK, he’s a liberal.  Actually, Jim’s politics are somewhere to the left of Karl Marx.  Ireton has seldom seen a government program he didn’t love.  If Ireton is re-elected, AND if Jake Day is elected to the city council, Jim has a plan to spend some MORE of YOUR hard earned money. It involves re-developing downtown.

Ireton wants to sell the downtown parking lots for a song, subsidize them by waiving the capacity fees for water and sewer, and HOPE that Salisbury will somehow be re-born.

Does anyone believe that adding 500 “affordable housing units” downtown is going to re-vitalize Salisbury’s local economy?  Evidently Ireton, along with Jake Day, councilwoman Laura Mitchell, and councilwoman Shanie Shields do.

The “logic” goes something like this:

  1. You build X “affordable housing units” downtown.
  2. Businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers will RUSH to build stores.
  3. Downtown will be MAGICALLY re-vitalized.
  4. The world will be a better place.

Does that make sense to you?

500 Affordable Housing Units

OK, we sell off the parking lots, take EDU’s (water and sewer capacity) away from industrial development that could actually create jobs that pay a living wage, and 500 more housing units appear.  Do you think that businesses will then flock to downtown?  Ireton and his pals do.

Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, and Boutiques … OH MY!

Before a retail business decides to invest in a site they look at certain things, including traffic count and parking.  Would you build a grocery store based on a target population of less than 2,000?  Of course you wouldn’t!

But wait, wouldn’t people from outside the immediate area come?  Would they?  I live to the southeast of downtown.  There are at least  three grocery stores and at least seven pharmacies closer to my home than the downtown plaza.  Well, maybe the people who live over on the west side will come?  I can think of at least two grocery stores and two pharmacies that are closer.  Well maybe the folks from Newtown?  Maybe.  Where are they going to park?  Remember – Jimmy, Jake, Laura, and Shanie have sold all of the parking except for the parking garage.  Do you really believe that those folks from Newtown are going to walk across US 50 and then schlep their groceries back on foot?

OK, I’ll agree that one convenience store might succeed under the Ireton plan.


The notion that this will re-vitalize downtown, much less Salisbury’s local economy is too ridiculous for real comment.  Downtown CAN be salvaged.  It CAN be re-vitalized.  It just won’t happen by throwing subsidies at a few developers.

You need a solution that drives traffic.  Business people will then be willing to invest their own capital.  Look at Joe Albero’s plan.  It not only makes sense, it offers a REAL, free-market driven solution for downtown as well as a plan for the city’s entire economy.

Subsidizing residential development was a failure during the real estate boom!  Salisbury borrowed millions of dollars that were handed over to a select group of residential developers.  What did that yield?  Temporary construction jobs.  Subsidizing retail doesn’t yield jobs that pay a living wage.

The key is to allow development without unnecessary government interference.  The key is show potential employers – not just downtown, but throughout Salisbury – that the city will treat businesses, and residents, like valued customers.

Why can’t Jimmy Ireton learn from past mistakes; both his own and his predecessor’s?

Part 1 – Thrift Travel Inn

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  1. T.S. Jackson says:

    I have a question for you G.A. Why would someone who appears to be reasonably intelligent and reasonably normal want to carry water for someone like Joe Albero? He is narrow minded, lives in a fairytale world, abrasive, immature, a bully and definitely in over his head in this Mayoral election thing. I was just wondering what the connection is. Are you really that misguided?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      I’m not entirely sure how to answer your question. First of all, I’m not carrying Albero’s water. I honestly believe that he is the FAR SUPERIOR candidate running for mayor in 2013. I would also disagree with some of your premises.

      I don’t believe his is particularly narrow minded. He is more open minded than I am on some issues, less so on others. He doesn’t support an “anything goes” culture. Neither do I.

      He does not live in a fairy tale world, but I will acknowledge that he believes in some things I don’t. I believe in a trinitarian God and that He sent His Son to die for my sins. I have friends who believe that this is a fairy tale.

      Joe can most definitely be abrasive. He’s the first person to admit that. I don’t believe that he’s immature, but you have the same right to your opinion that I do. As for being a bully, Joe actually admitted on the day he declared his candidacy that he had been excessive over the years. He has also toned down quite a bit in the last few years. They say people don’t really change. To his credit, Joe has proven that wrong.

      As for being “over his head”, that’s just ridiculous. During this campaign he has shown that he is far more mature and mayoral than Ireton. In addition, Joe has come forward with ACTIONABLE ideas that I believe will help move Salisbury forward.

      As for me being misguided, my readers simply have to be the judge of that. While I will admit that I am wrong IF a strong case is made, I am confident in my opinions to the point of arrogance. The difference between me and most folks is that I’ll admit it.

      • T.S. Jackson says:

        Thanks for the reply G.A. If you believe that Joe is a far superior candidate then that is your opinion. You state that you don’t think that he is narrow minded. If you will check his blog history he has definitely shown that when someone doesn’t agree with him he clearly tells them that they are wrong and, on most occasions, an idiot, one of Jerry’s Kids, a DeeDeDee, etc.
        As for the fairy tale world, Joe surely believes that he is entitled to do things that others can’t. One recent event that drives this home happened during the Parker Place fund raiser a few weeks ago. Joe has railed in the past about people parking on the sidewalk in front of his building. On this day he was parked entirely on the sidewalk, all 4 wheels. Is this being in a fairy tale world of entitlement or just Joe being Joe?
        On being over his head, I didn’t say that Ireton was the best person, but Joe has shown that he has done and said hateful things with the reasoning that “they did it first”. This is second grade, school yard stuff, “he hit me first”. Mature? I think not.
        All of his actionable items that I have heard are generalizations with no hard numbers or facts. I don’t call those good ideas. Once again, thanks for the reply and as I sit here writing this I can’t help but think that you are calling me misguided as well.

  2. easternshorenative says:

    I admire your writing style and always have. For the most part you are an excellent fact checker. When it comes to voting someone has to loose. But this election I believe the city residents will be the biggest losers. Jim Ireton has not proven that he is worthy of another term as Mayor and with Joe Albero’s checkered past both in his business and personal life. He refused to acknowledge any of that while he allows either his contributor’s or comments to run other candidates through the mud. One only has to bring up MD Case Search for Joe and there it all is. It’s irregardless whether or not the cases are open on closed. You may find more people elect to not vote for neither Ireton or Albero, and that’s a damned shame.

    Because of the blogosphere being what it in today’s society, you will be hard pressed to find a viable candidate to run for a local office because of rumor and innuendo and for the lack of fact checking. Who in their right mind would run for a local office with all the Joe Albero’s of the world.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Good and fair points all. I’d just like you to think about a few things. While I’m an evangelical Christian, that didn’t stop me from supporting Jim Ireton in 2009. No one wanted him to succeed more than I did. Yes, Albero has a “checkered” past (although I don’t understand your business reference). I don’t think that precludes him from elective office because the things that I’m aware of are strictly personal EXCEPT for the deal involving the Comptroller’s office. On that one, I’m in Joe’s corner anyway.

      Jim has failed as a mayor. I think Joe can be a GREAT mayor.

      You make a valid point about discouraging people from running for office. However, that doesn’t mean that the blogosphere should shut down. One of the things that Joe and I disagree on is comment policy. That said, he’s running a business that is successful. His site, his rules. I believe that the comments on SBYNews speak more about our culture than they do about Joe Albero.

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