Daily Times Gears Up for Sunday Attack



What Happened to “Stick to the Issues”?

Salisbury’s Daily Times is planning its own version of the “October Surprise” for this Sunday’s edition. According to Daily Times city reporter Jeremy Cox, the paper plans to run a front page “expose” outlining the past legal difficulties of incumbent mayor Jim Ireton and his opponent, businessman Joe Albero.

“I’m really disgusted with the entire approach taken by our local newspaper”, stated Albero. “It’s small wonder that they’ve had to put their building up for lease. People just don’t want to read a paper that is one step above the National Enquirer. Who cares that Jake Day has a heavy foot, or that our three District 1 candidates have met with personal financial misfortune, or that both my opponent and I have had some minor brushes with the legal system? Why does the Daily Times think that these things take precedence over my plan to bring jobs to Salisbury, Jim Ireton’s repeated attempts to raise our taxes, or Jake Day’s plan to use our tax dollars to subsidize residential development in the city?”

Albero also noted that early in the campaign the Daily Times stated that they wanted to ONLY report on issues. “Throughout this campaign I have focused on how to make Salisbury a better place to work and to live. It’s unfortunate that they have gone back on their word and chosen to take this path. What have we seen from our local paper during this campaign? Most of the articles we’ve seen this election season have been thinly disguised attack pieces. Any discussion of real issues has been little more than fluff. I don’t believe that reporter Jeremy Cox is either lazy or a bad reporter. I can only conclude that publisher Tom Claybaugh and editor Michael Kilian believe that they can gin up advertising sales from certain business segments or somehow increase readership by attempting to use Gannett’s assets to impact a local election with salacious stories that have no real impact on Salisbury’s residents and businesses.”

Albero’s publication, SBYNews will print a response (written by a named contributor) after the Daily Times runs its piece.

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  1. This post is laughable to say the least. But, hey, even a laugh is worth the time to respond. First, this whole idea is nonsense. I can tell you that, as a community columnist, I was told that my column, which will appear this Sunday in the DT, could NOT discuss the candidates at all. My original column was going to be an expose on Albero’s EXTENSIVE, not “minor brushes” with the law. He had 23 Stetted criminal charges in one recent year; he was convicted of assault on a woman (and you are ok with this man being the head of female personnel?); plus, as long as we’re talking, why is Joe’s wife and grandson still living in Delaware? Has he separated from her? He still receives his Maryland Tax Assessments at his Delaware address, and still has his personal vehicle titled in Delaware. Maryland law says you must transfer tags within 60 days of moving to the State.

    Apparently, the Daily Times is just “one step above the National Enquirer”; well, I guess that’s better than being down a full flight of steps from the NE, like Joe’s SBYNews blog. It’s incredible to me, a retired attorney, that he hasn’t been sued for copyright infringement or trademark infringement. Ahhhh, to be practicing again!!

    The Daily News editorial, endorsing Jim Ireton, was unbelievably gracious in reference to Joe, calling his failed businesses, tax liens, falling down buildings and extensive criminal background, “some baggage.” That like saying that Michael Jordan plays some basketball!

    Will you retract your allegations if the DT doesn’t do an “expose” on Albero? Sure, when Albero is taken seriously as a candidate!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    First, you state the piece will cover legal difficulties of both candidates, yet you only report that Joe Albero has a problem with this. Does Ireton have a problem with this as well? If anyone believes character is an issue, then arrests/convictions would certainly be one aspect of the total picture. I personally have no problem with this type of article as long as it covers everyone, not just one side. I do admit the timing is suspect. If one feels the issue is important, it was important weeks ago – not days before the election. May the best man for the job be victorious.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      The DT piece did cover bother sides. That’s not my problem with the article. I just can’t abide by the rank hypocrisy of new Executive Editor Michael Kilian. They kept saying that they ONLY wanted to talk about issues. They’ve written about almost everything but … Where is the discussion of Joe Albero’s economic plan? Jake Day’s ideas to turn US 13 into a two lane road or the heavy emphasis of both Day and Ireton on subsidizing residential development? There are issues galore.

      If the DT was serious about covering issues they could have given us at lease one article a day since January. What have we gotten instead? Fluff. Do you honestly care if Jake Day has a heavy foot or that Joe Albero had to fight a tax charge over a technicality?

      It’s like the crap about Jimmy being gay. I don’t care about that and I think it speaks volumes that so many people want to titter anonymously online, including on Albero’s site. However, I do have a problem that Jim took time from trying to fix Salisbury’s problems to go to Annapolis and lobby for same-sex marriage. I’d have the same problem if he were straight. If he did it on the taxpayers’ dime (which I’m not totally sure about) then I think he should be horsewhipped out of town. I have similar problems that he took part in protesting Rep. Andy Harris’s office. Redefines “mayoral”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who you are (the writer above) but I agree with your position. People do care about these issues as well as their respective plans for governing the city. We have to give kudos to this blog for allowing these posts to be read. It’s a shame the same can’t be said of the fringe guy who wants to be mayor.

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