Jake Day Denying Special Interest Money

  1. Salisbury District 2 council candidate Jake Day isn’t happy that people are beginning to notice that tens of thousands of dollars in special interest money is being thrown at his campaign to unseat Debbie Campbell.  Who would blame him?
    You’ve got a national political action committee (PAC) out of Chicago throwing money at a council race in the little city of Salisbury.  Why?  It’s pretty obvious that their membership sees Day as the chance to hop back on the taxpayer-funded gravy train.  Ten years ago the "Dream Team" council of Mike Dunn, Gary Comegys, and Lynn Cathcart rode into power allying themselves with councilman Michael Day.  They proceeded to borrow millions and hand the money over to residential developers.
    Jake Day’s plan calls for much the same – subsidizing residential development by waiving capacity fees for residential development downtown (and that’s only what Day has admitted to).
    Since this became public, Day and his campaign treasurer Jordan Gilmore have been vigorously denying it (see the exchanges at the bottom of this post):

  2. There are over 14,000 registered voters in Salisbury.  The mail shop out of Virginia that did the mailing householded the list (this is so that only 1 piece of mail goes to the same address to people with the same last name).  This would have yielded approximately 9,000 pieces mailed PER MAILING.  Remember, there were TWO MAILINGS.  So … here’s the math:
    18,000 pieces
    $0.75 per piece (this is conservative given the size and type of mailing)
    $ 13,500 for two mailings
    But WAIT … There’s more:
    The same national PAC is also running radio ads in support of Jake Day.  We don’t have access to the details of the buy, but hearing from many people who listen to many radio stations, that probably cost the PAC a couple of thousand bucks.  That brings the total up to over $15,000. Greater than $10,000 is tens of thousands of dollars.  Mr. Day and his treasurer may not like it.  They can continue to deny it.  Unfortunately for them, math remains one of the few immutable truths
    Note – these are "independent expenditures".  There is nothing illegal.  We only have to ask the question -Is Salisbury for sale?  Perhaps this is why councilwoman Debbie Campbell is drawing attention to the fact with a video launched yesterday:

  1. You are also seeing the following pop up online:  #SbyNOT4Sale
    The election is on Tuesday.
    Below is a sample Twitter conversation to illustrate Day and Gilmore’s concern over this issue:

  2. @jordangilmore @gaharrison A support mailer paid for by the Realtors Assoc. is NOT money TO my campaign, GA. Voters see thru the stunts. 🙂

  3. @jordangilmore Deny it all day long. Still true. Didn’t call @JacobRDay a #liar, but if the shoe fits. ow.ly/jAlFI #sbyvote

  4. @jordangilmore Have answered it 2 or 3 times. You just don’t like the answer. WATCH THE VIDEO. ow.ly/jAlNO #sbyvote

  5. @gaharrison No, you’ve never answered where you’re getting the $10k number. And @jacobrday never said he wants to bring Wilber back, liar.

  6. @jordangilmore Email me gaharrison@yahoo.com Will reply with the math. You’ll deny it, but I tried. #sbyvote #SbyNOT4Sale

  7. @gaharrison Here’s a proposal: You keep writing all this stuff publicly, but lets also talk about how you can do good for SBY. #sbyvote

  8. @jacobrday Fine. Now you explain why a NATIONAL PAC is throwing money at your campaign. #sbyvote #SbyNOT4Sale

  9. @gaharrison Thank you. No NATL PAC, local chapter intvwd all candidates and wouldve given opponents same support if they believed in them…

  10. Most of these exchanges I attribute to typical campaign spin.  However, I find the above comment VERY DISTURBING.  Let’s face it, Jake Day has been caught in a lie.  There is is no question that the mailings are from a NATIONAL PAC.

  11. @jordangilmore #spin #spin #spin Answered in tweet. Want detail? Have to use email. Didn’t expect #sincere ? anyhow. #sbyvote #SbyNOT4Sale

  12. @gaharrison You’ve answered nothing, and Campbell/you made up the $10k number. Best of luck on Tuesday 🙂 #sbyvote

  13. I’m sure that Messrs. Day and Gilmore don’t like the math, but it is what it is.

  14. More can be found by going to Twitter and searching @JacobRDay, @JordanGilmore, @gaharrison or searching #sbyvote or #SbyNOT4Sale

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  1. Concerned says:

    Did you ever stop to thin GA, that people just don’t like Joe Albero or anything he stands for, or anyone who stands with him. Thought you were smarter than to get caught up with him…too bad.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Of course I’ve thought of it. I accept it. It’s almost a cliche. That does not negate the fact that Jim doesn’t have a plan to revitalize the city’s economy. Albero has. There are tons of other issues, but that is the most important one to me. You can vote FOR someone, or vote AGAINST someone. It seems to me that you want people to vote AGAINST Albero. It’s much better to have someone to vote for. Albero has given the voters a reason to do that DESPITE his acknowledged baggage.

      • Nice straw man. We’re voting FOR Jim Ireton and Jacob Day – because we actually care about Salisbury and its future. Therefore, we’re voting AGAINST Albero, as he’s Jim’s opponent, because he does not. Understand? Of course you do. And you know that that’s exactly what “Concerned” meant – but you’re more interested in weak-kneed obfuscation and erecting straw men than having an actual discussion – which makes sense, considering who you’ve chosen to manage the campaigns of. By the way – the next time you build a straw man, it might be better not to try to swipe one that was attempted by Mitt Romney. If you can’t even erect your OWN straw men and have to plagiarize from a failed campaign’s strategy playbook? Perhaps it’s time to hang up the hat.

        • G. A. Harrison says:

          First, do you people sleep?

          Second, do you know what a straw man argument is? BTW – that is a rhetorical question.

          This post is not an argument at all, therefore it can’t be a straw man. It’s just straight reporting. I’m sure that you don’t like my using Jake’s own words against him, but I’m not the one who said them.

          I would be interested in a discussion if you were, but you simply deny provable facts. I’ll take you at your word though. Let’s start by you answering a couple of questions for me:

          Who sent the two mailings?
          How many pieces do YOU think were mailed?
          What is your basis for that estimate?

          Try answering those. I would also ask that you refrain, in the future, from comparing anything I’m involved with to the Romney campaign. I plagiarized NOTHING (of course it’s OK for you to accuse me without ANY evidence to your claims). I did not support Romney for anything. I live in Maryland. My vote for President doesn’t count.

  2. So I just wondered why nothing at the top of your website or the “about” section says that you’re Debbie Campbell’s and Joe Albero’s campaign manager – and are pretending this is a non-partisan “news” website. And also lying about the “Chicago PAC” stuff, since the only funding you’re speaking of comes from 3 lower shore SUBSIDIARIES of the NAR, who have donated probably $2,000 to Day. I mean – lying about your opponent is one thing – but posting a fake “grass roots” blog posing as a “news” site when it’s run by Albero’s and Campbell’s campaign manager? I mean – do you have ANY conscience at all? You do realize how many people know this, right?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Remember, try coming down first.

      AGAIN, I am not a campaign manager for either. I charge for those services and I can assure that neither has written me a check. I’ve volunteered some time doing some things that I happen to enjoy doing. So what?

      Where did the mailings come from? They were paid for by the PAC out of Chicago. It says so right on each piece. Where were they mailed out of? Fairfax County, VA. Neither sounds like the Lower Shore to me. As for this $2,000 nonsense – there were about 18,000 pieces between the two mailings. Do you think you can do that for $2,000? Oh, and then there’s the cash contribution from the same NATIONAL PAC. Are you claiming that Jordan Gilmore (Jake’s treasurer) is lying?

      As for the other stuff, it’s just too disjointed to understand, much less respond to. Everything I write is clearly labeled as news, op-ed, analysis, or feature. Now – if you wanted to argue that I should have labeled this post as “News Analysis” rather than “News”, I would have probably conceded the point rather than waste this time, corrected (properly) and moved on. Instead, you are trying to argue that this post is false. Pictures (unaltered) of mailings promoting Jake’s campaign. Jake and Jordan’s own online discussion. Let’s get real. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to.

  3. P.S. EVERYBODY KNOWS that you (Harrison, Albero’s and Campbell’s campaign manager who runs this site) SUPPORT the Citizens United decision for corporate money to flood politics more than ever before. You’ve said so, publicly. So when will you apologize for leading people to believe on this site, and in Campbell’s campaign literature and ads, that you’re against it? And since you DO support it, why are you arguing AGAINST it in your attacks (false attacks, I might add) on Day? Do you REALLY have so few principles? Or is it that you have none at all? Because it’s one of those – I’m just wondering which one it is. Weak principles that you’re willing to get rid of just to “win”? Or none at all? Or does lying so much eventually put you into a place where you don’t even know anymore?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Are you on crack? Of course I run this site. I am also neither Joe Albero’s nor Debbie Campbell’s campaign manager. I support them. I have helped them out on different things. Beats trolling on the net for Jimmy and Jake like you are.

      I assume the “false attacks” you are referring to is that Jake Day’s campaign has been the beneficiary of over $10,000 in PAC spending by a real estate group out of Chicago. That is a FACT, not an attack. C’mon – I posted pictures of the mailings. I provided a cost breakdown. Do you deny they exist? Do you think design, printing and postage are free? If so, you are most definitely on something.

      “Few principles”? Really? I’m not the one denying that a National PAC is throwing money at my campaign. Jake is. You are. Again, I posted his statement. These are real.

      Now, let’s go to the Citizens United decision. Again – WRONG. I never supported it. I understand it, but I don’t like it. Of course, you would never like my solution to campaign finance solution (which really isn’t mine, but George Will’s):

      NO CASH
      No Corporate money
      No UNION money
      No FOREIGN money
      Other than that – NO LIMIT

      All contributions must be reported online within 72 hours of receipt using a system similar to VPAP

      Of course, that would put the left right out business – no union money, no foreign money.

      Next time you decide to sling trash – come down off whatever you’re on first.

  4. GA – you are absolutely, positively Joe and Debbie’s joint campaign manager. Why would you deny them that? You’re also their close friend – you’ve never denied that before. Why are you distancing yourself from them now?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      OK “Matt” – let’s try this one more time.

      I am not a campaign manager for either candidate. Joe Albero and Debbie Campbell are friends. I support their respective candidacies. I volunteer some time to help them. And …?

      You must share the same pipe as “Mark”: “You’re also their close friend – you’ve never denied that before.” Where have I ever denied being their friend? For goodness sake, why would anyone make a statement that is so easily proven to be a lie?

      I refer you to the comments I left to “Mark”: “I would be interested in a discussion if you were, but you simply deny provable facts.”

      But wait! You’re not into having a discussion. You are just interested in saying things that aren’t true but somehow fit your narrative (in a bizarrely twisted way).

  5. Kevin Southern says:

    Personal discussions with Jake Day, Jim Ireton, and Councilwoman Laura Mitchell have led me to conclude that these three favor a specific answer to the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision. It is the answer promoted by the national organization Move to Amend (www.movetoamend.org) and by our own local chapter of Move to Amend Salisbury. It is the most radical answer to the Citizens United decision because it addresses the twin problem of corporate personhood and money = speech. There would indeed be limits that could be imposed on campaign contributions not just from corporations but even from wealthy individuals. I have assurances from the three above mentioned (Day, Ireton, Mitchell) that they would pass a local non-binding resolution calling on higher levels of government to act against the Supreme Court decision which is causing all of this hullabaloo. Is it possible that Day, Ireton, and Mitchell are just promising me and my group what we want to earn our votes? Possibly, and if that be the case we will keep them accountable even after the election. But what does Campbell say about the proposed resolution? We e-mailed City Council our proposed resolution language and I didn’t hear back from her. I would be very interested to learn where she stands. Somehow I doubt that Albero would be for it. The connection between Campbell and Albero troubles me, as does the connection of both to Andy Harris. I know that Andy Harris, who received Koch Bros. funding to defeat Kratovil, will have nothing to do with our fight against Citizens United. As things stand, tomorrow my vote goes to Jake Day, even if local subsidiaries of a national PAC did contribute to his election efforts. I favor specific strategies which start with a specific local resolution with specific language, and Jake Day has agreed to work for this and has met with people from our group.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      If you had noted the comments above, you would understand that I’m not a big backer of the Citizens United case. I have a question though – Does your proposal ban money / campaign expenditures from labor unions?

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