Maryland House Passes O’Malley Gun Control Bill – 78-61

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Maryland House of Delegates passed one of the nation’s most restrictive gun control laws yesterday by a vote of 78-61.  In addition to banning so-called “assault weapons”, ammunition magazines will be limited to 10 rounds and Marylanders will have to undergo a background check with fingerprints in order to purchase a handgun.

While the bill must be reconciled with the Senate version passed last month, the bill is expected to become law and Maryland will join the ranks of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia as having the nation’s most restrictive gun laws.

Del. Mike McDermott (R-38B) observed that this bill is equivalent to banning legal gun ownership:  “…the licensing requirement would add even more delay, amounting to a “defacto ban” on gun sales in Maryland”.

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