Free-For-All at Somerset Board of Ed

WESTOVER, MD – Daily Times reporter Deborah Gates describes a free-for-all at this month’s Somerset County Board of Education meeting as competing groups collided over recent criticism of Washington High School principal William Johnson.  Parents have accused Johnson of poor leadership and spoke of disciplinary issues at the last two BOE meetings.  At this month’s meeting supporters of Johnson came out and accused Johnson critics of being racially motivated.

At several points during the meeting BOE chair William Miles had to gavel the crowd to order.  Several Johnson supporters called for the resignation of BOE members Dan Kuebler and Robert Wells because of their public criticism of Johnson.

At several points in the evening a Johnson supporter attempted prevent Gates from taking pictures of Johnson.  After the meeting, Johnson supporter went so far as to steal Gates’ cell which she was taking pictures with.  A police officer had to retrieve Gate’s property.

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  1. What? Is this how things are going to roll in the post-Campbell world? Now you’re going to use the Daily Rag as a RELIABLE source of info? Holy cow.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Whoever said that the DT couldn’t be a reliable source? While I am a frequent critic of the paper I have nothing but respect for some of their reporters. It has been the paper’s Salisbury coverage that caused much of the public to lose all respect for the paper. The current crop of reporters (people like Jeremy Cox, Jennifer Shutt, Vanessa Junkin, Brian Shane, and Deborah Gates) do decent work and shouldn’t be condemned because previous colleagues were hacks. While I will often believe that things were left out of a story (whether deliberate or not, we will have to wait and see), my review of these current reporters is that their reporting is accurate and they attempt to be fair.

      The only way that you will ever get a story that you agree with 100% is for you to write it yourself. It is also probable that you are a victim of the current paradigm that all news must be “analysis” which is a (often bad) hybrid of news and op-ed.

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