The Spectator – What Americans Have to Fear from Martin O’Malley

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley wants to be President of the United States.  He’s term limited as governor.  He’s spent his life as a political executive – first mayor of Baltimore and then a two-term governor.  His temperament just doesn’t fit the life of a legislator.  So … what’s a guy to do?

In O’Malley’s case he’s looking towards 2016 –  when he leaves the governor’s office he’ll have a year to get geared up for the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.  No slouch, O’Malley is already starting to build an organization so he’s not going to be left in the dust in this age of the infinite presidential cycle.

O’Malley has been busy burnishing his lefty bona fides for the activist crowd that selects Democrat (and Republican) presidential nominees.  Here in Maryland we know – we’re paying the freight.  For eight years O’Malley has punished the Once Free State in order to craft his statist gravitas.

In less than 400 well crafted words, the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore explains what our nation has to fear:

  • 34 Tax Increases since taking office (and he has one more session to go)
  • O’Malley has cost Marylanders an additional $3.1 Billion each year in office.
  • One of the nations worst gun-control measures
  • Repeal of the death penalty
  • Gay marriage (civil unions, we don’t need no stinking civil unions)

The prospect of an O’Malley presidency gives new meaning to “Fear the Turtle” (the diamondback terrapin is the mascot of the University of Maryland).  O’Malley may be doing all of the right things to win the hearts of the leftist elites, but his policies have been dangerous for Maryland and will be even more dangerous for our nation.

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