Margaret Thatcher, R.I.P.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has passed away at the age of 87.  Baroness Thatcher was the greatest women to live during my lifetime one of the greatest Western political leaders of my lifetime and arguably the greatest person ever to hold the title of Prime Minister.  She led Britain from the bottom of its post-WWII malaise and re-established the UK as one of the worlds greatest western democracies.  A key supporter of Ronald Reagan’s plan to defeat the evil empire of the Soviet Union, Thatcher served as PM from 1979 through the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Take time to watch this portion of Prime Minister Thatcher’s last question time before parliament.  At approximately 2:45 into this video you will see the typical attack from the left regarding “income inequality”.  As Mrs. Thatcher so ably points out, despite that fact that this “gap” has widened, even the poor in Britain were much better off under her policies.  Of course, that doesn’t hold much sway with those who believe that re-distribution of wealth will always succeed, despite the fact that it has NEVER succeeded.

… he would rather the POOR BE POORER provided that the RICH WERE LESS RICH.

Thatcher’s comments regarding the left are as true today as they were in November of 1990.  One need only listen to the rhetoric coming from today’s Democrat party leadership.

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