Media Monday – April 8, 2013


When I’m cruising through Delaware (or northern Worcester or Wicomico counties) I often bump my dial over one tick from WICO-FM to hear what’s going on at WGMD-FM.  While I like talk radio, I prefer some local content and WICO is now 99.9% syndicated. (two public radio stations are now the only source of real local content on the Lower Shore)

Two Sundays ago I happened to tune in and heard some guy named Bill Rogers spouting the most ridiculous nonsense this side of MSNBC.  The problem?  Rogers claims to be a conservative.  Personally, I think we should trade this guy to the left for a future third round draft pick.

What was Rogers’ crime?  The guy’s entire show (I only listened for about 90 minutes while I was driving to Seaford and back) was an attack on Libertarians.  Sure, everyone has a right to their opinion.  I don’t disagree with Rogers’ premise that voting Libertarian is often equivalent to voting Democrat, but Rogers’ reasoning was based on a false premise that I found quite offensive.

Rogers claimed that Libertarians were foolish because of their stance on gay marriage.  He specifically claimed that same-sex marriage laws would require churches to marry same-sex couples.  He didn’t say this once either.  Rogers must of repeated this at least a dozen times in the period I was listening.

It’s bad enough that my party (the GOP) is systematically driving libertarian-minded voters away, now we have a supposedly conservative, local talk host trying to do the same with what are basically lies.

I will concede that the day may come that some court, even the US Supreme Court, may make such an outrageous ruling.  However, that day has not arrived … YET.  It’s bad enough that nominally Christian denominations such as the Episcopal Church perform what are de facto gay weddings.  We have enough battles to fight in the present.  People like Rogers don’t need to make up problems.  If he is a conservative, as he claims, he also doesn’t need to deliberately offend a portion of the electorate we need to win.


Where’s my screed against the Daily Times?  Don’t worry, there is always something to criticize.

Earlier this year op-ed chief Susan Parker and publisher Tom Claybaugh refused to run a letter to the editor from Kay Gibson because she criticized Salisbury councilwomen Laura Mitchell and Shanie Shields.  Their reasoning was that there was not sufficient time to give the two women an opportunity to respond.  Last week they chose to publish a letter from Salisbury resident Eleanor Mulligan.  For the non-initiated, Mulligan is a mouthpiece for former councilwoman Louise “17% Tax Hike” Smith.

Under the guise of “opinion” Mulligan told a few whoppers:

Over the years, Salisbury has had its moments in the sun, but never one more joyous than Tuesday’s big election moment, when a surge of voters penetrated the complacent dictatorship of the Salisbury City Council majority.

“Surge of voters”?  I knew Mulligan was not the brightest bulb on the tree but turnout was down almost 18% from four years ago.

… But we will not forget the dishonorable trickery the majority foisted on us when, in October 2012, without notifying the public, they seized control of the government by hurrying through a vote to trasnfer (sic) power and legal oversight from the executive branch to their hands.

In Mulligan’s bizarre alternate reality work sessions and public hearings equate to “dishonorable trickery” and “hurrying through a vote”.  While I admit that the charter change was probably the most politically foolish act of the Campbell-Cohen-Spies council majority, questioning their motives is even more foolish.

Despite the fact that the current stable of DT reporters is doing the best job we’ve seen in years from this once reputable outlet, Parker and Claybaugh have turned the op-ed pages into little more than a one-sided rant against conservatives, Republicans, and any Democrat that believes your tax dollars should be spent wisely.  While they have a perfect right to do so, they need to man up.  Their so-called “citizen editorial board” is little more than a retirement home for liberals.  An occasional op-ed by Cathy Keim or Greg Belcher doesn’t balance out against the onslaught of leftist attacks by Ron Pagano, et al.  Don’t claim to be the “voice of the community” when your market is among the most conservative-leaning in the state.

I do admit, printing lies on the opinion page is much better than printing them as news.  While the jury is still out on Executive Editor Michael Kilian, that may be his legacy.

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