Can Marylanders Afford Martin O’Malley’s National Ambitions?

Billions in spending increases.  Billions in tax hikes.  Same-sex marriage.  Repeal of the death penalty.  “Green energy” subsidized by taxpayers.  A state with already limited gun rights transformed into one of the most restrictive states in the nation.  These are just a few examples of Martin O’Malley’s political “accomplishments”.

When O’Malley first ran for governor he was hailed as a “moderate” and “pragmatist”.  Kennedyesque – more John than Teddy.  O’Malley wouldn’t touch issues such a gay marriage or more restrictive gun control with a ten foot pole.

While he never hid his disdain for the death penalty, he attributed this to his Roman Catholic faith.  I sympathize.  I too am opposed to the death penalty – because of my pro-life beliefs.  Sadly, O’Malley doesn’t allow the Church’s teachings to interfere with Democrat orthodoxy.

What happened?  Barack Hussein Obama.  In 2008 the Democrat party abandoned the center-left compromise which delivered two terms to Bill Clinton.  National Democrats became more radical than in 1972.  O’Malley, who has never hid his personal ambition and has always demonstrated fluid political and moral compasses, moved farther to the left.

In 2011 O’Malley felt even more pressure from the left – in the form of New York governor Andrew Cuomo.  Fearing that Cuomo would emerge as the leftist compromise to a Hilary Clinton candidacy, O’Malley doubled down.  Yes, Cuomo was able to shepherd through gay marriage before O’Malley but the newly minted Maryland radical would push for higher taxes and more spending.

Then along came Newtown.  Never allowing a good crisis to go to waste, O’Malley set out to enact some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.  To even further bolster his leftist bona fides he also pushed for an end to Maryland’s death penalty – a great radical didactic.  Punish law abiding citizens while showing leniency towards the criminal class.

O’Malley’s statist policies are bad enough.  Unfortunately it is the people of Maryland that are bearing the burden of his personal ambition.  Benefits, once given by the government, are seldom rescinded.  At some point the federal largess heaped upon the Once Free State will have to slow.  Businesses will engage in a mass exodus, towards bankruptcy or a more business-friendly home.  How will Marylander than afford O’Malley’s folly?

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