LaFerla to Challenge Harris in 2014

CHESTERTOWN, MD – Unsuccessful 2012 congressional candidate John LaFerla will officially announce today that he will challenge incumbent Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) for Maryland’s First District congressional seat.

LaFerla received 4% of the vote in 2012 in a write-in campaign after losing to disgraced candidate Wendy Rosen in the Democrat primary.  Rosen received almost 28% of the vote despite having withdrawn amid charges of voter fraud (Rosen voted in multiple states).

H/T – Michael Swartz @ Monoblogue

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    Mike…you never cease to amaze me…even now…with all the crazy extremist, loony stuff you write about! First, I think you owe me a “thank you” for your theft of a term I have been using here on the ES for several years…LIV – Low Information Voter.

    I like how you try to twist its use, to describe the Democratic turnout for Rosen. In truth, it is, according to several GOP strategists I know, a term that they came up with, in order to describe Fox News viewers. By connection, we can expand that to Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Savage and Hannity listeners, as well.

    These GOP strategists decided that LIVs were exactly what they were looking for; they needed little convincing and almost no substantive data, in order to support their candidate. The only thing that was needed was the ability of the candidate to use the same set of LIV words and soundbites that were being used by Fox and friends! Easy, really!

    Now, back to your incorrect assertion: if you had taken a basic Poli Sci course in college, you would have learned that in any election, whenever there are 2 candidates running, each one will always have a base support of about 30% – 35%. The key is to reach the middle 30%-40% who will decide the outcome.

    Another reason why LaFerla’s write-in vote was low, is because Andy, being Andy, wanted to avoid any form of debate, so he refused to acknowledge LaFerla as his opponent, instead, referring to Rosen as his Democratic opponent. In truth, it might have been why her vote was as high as it was…”Anybody but Harris!”

    You talk a good line about Andy Harris caring about the people on the Shore, but you obviously don’t say anything about his voting record. From the 4 bills he introduced in his first term, having to do with extending reduced tariffs on foreign-made shoes (does Andy have a foreign “foot-fetish”?) to his failure to assist 1st District victims of Hurricane Sandy (and much more I could include here), Harris has proven, on the record, that he cares little for the people here; he only wants their vote? I mean, why else co-sponsor the Harriet Tubman Nat’l Park bill and then allow it to become the only Nat’l Park to be unfunded? Could it be he thought he would receive the African-American vote in the 1st District? Highly unlikely!

    You are very good…just like Andy…in putting together cute-sounding cliches and soundbites, but you lack the ability to seriously debate or support any of the nonsense you expound. Limited Information Blogger??? Hmmmmmm!

    BTW…thanks for the compliment…I’ve always liked the term feisty…I envision John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman…all feisty advocates for their beliefs and truth! Looking forward to the debate, and being at the LaFerla Victory party on Nov. 4, 2014!

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