Why You Can’t Trust the GOP Leadership

Red State’s Erick Erickson has a great synopsis of the ridiculous contortions the GOP’s congressional leadership has gone through over ObamaCare.  Before you call your Representative or Senator in response to some #dontfundobamacare tweet, you need to read it.

In our view the bottom line is pretty simple.  Using the debt ceiling as a political tool is irresponsible.  It was irresponsible last year and will always be so.  HOWEVER, using the appropriations process and / or continuing resolutions to block funding for ObamaCare (and a myriad of other wasteful spending programs) is responsible … and NECESSARY.

Any Republican who refuses to support a continuing resolution that excludes funding for ObamaCare isn’t deserving of your vote next year.  If GOP members of Congress can’t take a stand on this, then when will they take a stand on anything substantive?

If the government has to shut down, so be it.  The media tells us that Republicans lost big in 1996 over a shut down.  Of course, the facts say otherwise.  The GOP lost a handful of House seats, but picked up two Senate seats.  As for the presidency, the GOP lost by running a moderate against a perceived moderate Democrat that was universally loved by the media.  Sound familiar?

We can make a difference.  Demand that your members of Congress be responsible.  Demand that they use their constitutionally given appropriations power to stop ObamaCare.  Demand that they TAKE A STAND!  Don’t allow them to wiggle out of doing their duty.  Ignore the John Boehners, Eric Cantors, and Mitch McConnells of this world.  Follow the advice of Nancy Reagan and JUST SAY NO!

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