The EPA Brigade

CHICKEN, AK – I remember watching a 1997 Steven Seagal movie, Fire Down Below, and thinking what a stupid premise the movie was based on.  Sure it was decent low brow entertainment and I loved some of the actors – Marg Helgenberger, Kris Kristofferson, Levon Helm – and the country singers that also appeared – Marty Stuart, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt – but c’mon … an EPA agent wages war against an evil corporation and the town it controls.  Boy, was I wrong!

Last week armed EPA agents raided the thriving metropolis of Chicken, Alaska.  The EPA Brigade showed up in full body armor looking for violations of the Clean Water Act.

The next time I need to call 911 for the police I’ll tell them that someone is polluting rather than robbing my house.  Maybe the eco-army will respond faster.

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