Wicomico Democrats Seek Allies

How are Wicomico County Democrats progressing towards next fall’s elections?  Better than you might think.  Since a Democrat majority is highly unlikely, local Democrat leaders want the next best thing – a liberal council that will rubber-stamp increased spending and higher taxes if Rick Pollitt is re-elected to the County Executive’s post.

Sources within the Wicomico Democrat Central Committee indicate that they are preparing to give appointee John Hall (R-4) and first term incumbent Matt Holloway (R-At Large) a free pass.  Why?  One need simply look at their voting records and Matt Holloway’s role of carrying water for County Executive Rick Pollitt (D) on council.

Hall was appointed to succeed the late Bob Caldwell.  Caldwell won his seat in 2010 by a landslide 2 votes.  District 4, at best marginally Republican after re-districting, is the Democrat’s best bet to pick up a seat.  Yet, the local Democrat machine appears to be punting.  In his short tenure on council, Hall has voted more like liberal Sheree Sample-Hughes (D-1) than the far more conservative majority of county voters.  If Pollitt can’t have a Democrat majority on council, he wants allies like Hall.  Hall’s votes regarding the Board of Education indicate that he will be ready to help Pollitt to bust the revenue cap if (when) Pollitt is prepared to do so.  Remember, thanks to Del. Norm Conway (D-38B) and Del. Rudy Cane (D-37A) the revenue cap is no longer relevant as long as increased spending goes the Board of Education.

While Matt Holloway claims to be the council’s “voice of agriculture”, he has already stated that he will vote for a tier map which strips county farmers of their property rights.  He has also shown willingness to rubber stamp Pollitt’s spending and tax proposals.  More telling is his attempt to discredit councilman Bob Culver (R-At Large) with an attempted censure – at Pollitt’s behest.  Why?  Culver is challenging Pollitt for the Executive’s job.  It’s little wonder that Matt needed the council’s sole Democrat to support his re-election as council president so that Pollitt’s control of the county’s legislative branch can continue.

While Democrats are actively recruiting a challenger for councilman Joe Holloway (R-5), it is unlikely that they could come close to beating him.  There is no question that Hall is vulnerable, both to primary and general election challenge.  Why would they seek to challenge Joe Holloway but not Hall?  Hmmm….

If Matt Holloway receives a free pass, the reason is far more obvious.  As long as he can garner enough votes to wield the gavel, Pollitt knows that he will have a compliant council.

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  1. What is your evidence that the attempted censure was at Pollitt’s request?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Matt Holloway stated to fellow council members that Pollitt was “greatly disturbed” about statements Bob Culver made regarding a questionable real estate deal and that “something needed to be done”. Why was Rick so upset about a council matter? It couldn’t be that Culver was a perceived political threat?

      It should also be noted that councilwoman, and Pollitt ally, Sheree Sample-Hughes disclosed far more about what was said in the same closed session but that nary a peep was uttered by either Pollitt or Matt Holloway.

      • Anonymous says:

        I could be wrong, but my recollection of that issue was that Holloway felt that Culver wasn’t intending to do wrong and that a private reprimand was all that was necessary. The censure option was presented by Baker? I think you are stretching to come to the conclusions you have stated. I love how second hand “quotes” become facts. I first saw this on Albero’s blog and before I hit more, I said to myself, this sounds like G.A. Wonder where he’s been! Anyhow, I find it interesting that you would think council and exec exchanging views (if indeed that actually happened) on all matters county would be a problem. Go figure.

        • G. A. Harrison says:

          You miss the point. NOTHING should have been done; NOTHING would have been done without Pollitt asking Matt Holloway to do something.

          There were no “second hand ‘quotes'”. These were sourced from people in the room. This wasn’t Pollitt exchanging views. This was Pollitt pushing a weak council president to do his bidding – something that I will admit he has done masterfully.

          What’s next? Are you going to deny that Pollitt has helped to block Wicomico voters being given the choice of an elected school board? He doesn’t want to strip farmers of their property rights?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really? Pollitt has that much control over Matt Holloway? If you believe that, you have just left the ranch G.A.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      No sport, I’m just observant. Rick Pollitt and Wayne Strasburg, through Messrs. Matt Creamer and Matt Holloway have more say over how the council is run than a majority of the members. One current example was the recent insertion of a vote on raising the Sheriff’s salary. This was put in by Pollitt’s office; put on the agenda by Creamer and approved by Matt Holloway.

      It was only taken off after a council member caught it and had the temerity to challenge Matt Holloway on the matter. You see, the council had already voted to hold a public hearing on the matter. Matt Holloway didn’t quite have the guts to publicly flip on something as controversial as this after he had already agreed with the majority to hold a public hearing. Otherwise, it would have been voted on last Tuesday.

      Are you going to argue that Pollitt, et al, wasn’t aware that council had voted to hold public hearings?

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