Beggars of the Shore

With the Maryland General Assembly in session, rural Maryland is once again preparing itself to raped and pillaged.  Expect our taxes to be increased – yes, even in an election year – and yet more of our individual and corporate liberty to be taken away.  What can we do?  One option is to follow the advice of Salisbury’s Daily Times and become sycophants and beggars.

In today’s editorial we are encouraged to drop our collective pants and take it with a metaphorical smile:

… What’s needed is persistence, public relations strategy and a reasonable amount of patience. In addition, Shore delegates and senators need to step up their efforts to find common ground with their counterparts from more populous areas of the state.

One hindrance to progress is that Shore legislators sometimes find it easier to preach to their local choir about the wrongheadedness of Annapolis (and Washington) rather than roll up their sleeves and make incremental progress on very complex issues. As a result, local voters often re-elect officials who speak their language on key issues, but don’t necessarily get better results. …

Translation:  We need to suck up to the Annapolis ruling class so that they will only take away 90% of the money and property that they were otherwise planning to.  We need to become MORE, not less, dependent on Annapolis.  We need to beg to keep SOME of what is already ours by right.

Expect to hear more of this vein in the coming months as the Daily Times prepares the case to re-elect the likes of Del. Norm Conway (D-38B), Sen. Jim Mathias (D-38), Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt (D), Wicomico Councilman Matt Holloway (R), and Wicomico Councilman John Hall (R).

Imagine if we were living in 1776.  Following their logic we should not have stood up against the British crown.  We should have accepted whatever tyranny came from London and hope that we could retain a tiny bit more of our lives, liberty, and property by “building relationships” and “working with the King’s government” as they continued to take what is ours.

By the logic of Michael Killian and his minions at the Daily Tory, Patrick Henry was wrong and the members of the Continental Congress weren’t accomplishing anything because they stood up for what was right rather than what was expedient.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your translation of the editorial is typical of one who refuses to negotiate. That’s what is wrong with our political system today. No one knows how to compromise anymore. What your opinion of “right” is, might not be mine. We have significant problems with pollution, and we all need to work together to find a solution.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      If your definition of “negotiate” is, as it appears, to be willing to roll over for a few scraps from the King’s table then you are correct.

      The primary purpose of government is supposed to be the protection of private property (including our lives and labor). This premise, originally proposed by Locke and expanded by Montesquieu, was the central idea behind our Founders’ revolution and the subsequent establishment of the United States. Yet, you agree with the proposition that we should “negotiate” away our God-given liberty for the sake of some rationalistic plan to aid the environment.

      There are better ways to help fix the Bay. But because people across the Bay have the might to steamroll those of us in rural Maryland you believe we should simply drop our collective trousers and smile. I’m sorry; I am not an ANONYMOUS sheep.

      • Do you want to live in a democracy or don’t you? You can’t have it both ways. Your primary purpose of government is not necessarily mine. My idea of the purpose of government is to work collaboratively for the benefit of her citizens. If controlling pollution comes under that category, I’m okay with that. Since when does something “rational” become a bad word? Bending over? My pants are quite in tact, thank you. Anonymous, yes, sheep, no. Many of us have seen what happens when you post your name. You are too closely aligned with the blogger to expect anything different.

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