Happy Thanksgiving!

The real reason that the Pilgrims gave thanks to Almighty God …

Almost 400 years ago a group of dissenting Christians left their homes and bravely (and faithfully) crossed an ocean so that they might live and worship as they saw fit.  They braved sea, storm, wilderness, sickness, and poor harvest.  We all know the story.

Yesterday I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and was reminded of another detail is seldom, if ever, taught in our schools today.  The first Thanksgiving (it really wasn’t, but we’ll let that slide for now) was a result of hard work, individual initiative, faithfulness, and private property.

What?  I thought the settlers of the Plymouth Colony lived communally.  I thought that they shared their bounty.  And wasn’t it the Indians (Native Americans) who helped them feed themselves?

You’re right.  They did.  The Native Americans did help. They also nearly starved to death.  It was only after Gov. William Bradford gave each family their own plot of land and encouraged them to plant early and work for themselves did they begin to experience surplus.  With this surplus they could trade and branch out into other endeavors.

With no disrespect to my Catholic, Jewish, Muslim (and even atheist) brethren, this is what was called “the Protestant Work Ethic”.  It just so happened that they were protestant, but it was PRIVATE PROPERTY and INDVIDUAL LIBERTY which motivated the settlers to succeed.  Over 200 years before Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, the settlers of Plymouth Colony demonstrated its failure.

Our children aren’t taught these important lessons anymore.  Since our schools refuse, it’s up to parents to teach their children the complete meaning of Thanksgiving.

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