Justice By The Numbers

I picked up my Sunday copy of the Daily Times and thought that I had fallen into a copy of Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers .  The white liberal guilt oozed from the paper’s lead editorial.  If truth in advertising applied to the media, Look Closer at Arrest Patterns would be more fairly titled Arrest By the Numbers

Are African-American’s arrested in higher numbers on the Delmarva Peninsula?  I have no doubt.  I’m not accusing reporters Vanessa Junkin and Rachel Pacella of lying.

However, the published numbers demand that additional questions be asked.  Are African-Americans being falsely arrested?  If so, shouldn’t the prosecutors responsible for these cases demand better, more just, work by their respective police forces?

Yet, we see no evidence from the paper’s reporting that this is the case.  Sure, some folks are unjustly arrested.  Some may be black; some white, some brown.  I have no doubt that this happens and hope that the police will clean up their act when it does occur.  I even believe that some innocent people are unjustly convicted.  I also believe that this is the exception rather than the rule.

Why is there such a fascination at the Daily Times with arrest numbers?  Why the  implication that arrests disproportionate to a particular group’s percentage of the overall population are unjust?  Are our police to stop arresting criminals when a particular groups quota is met?  I don’t believe that the hard working people who foot the bill for police protection, be they white, black, yellow, red, brown, or any shade in between would think so.

Susan Parker, the probable author of Sunday’s screed, did manage to make a few good points.  It is not only possible, but probable, that some laws are selectively enforced.  Does this mean that the Daily Times is now calling for drug raids, en masse, on the campus of Salisbury University?  I wonder what the reaction would be from one of the area’s largest employers when their customers (they used to be called students) are hauled away in handcuffs.

We should also acknowledge that some people are arrested for nuisance offenses (open container laws, etc.).  However, does anyone believe that those arrests are being made because of an offender’s race?  No one cares about the person’s race.  They just don’t want to be accosted on the street or bothered at the WaWa when picking up a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread.  Curiously, the folks at the Daily Times don’t seem to have a problem with the taxpayer funded “booze cruise” being provided to SU students.

Parker even attempts to drag the current rape scandal at the University of Virginia into the mix:

If you’re not convinced of that, read the Rolling Stone article published earlier this month about the vast coverup of sexual assaults, often by fraternity members, at University of Virginia. Behavior that should have left some students imprisoned for many, many years never even leads to arrests at UVa, let alone prosecution. Tell yourself that a 19-year-old black man engaging in the same behavior would receive the same leniency.

Sadly, that inane question has already been answered.  Jesse L. Matthew, Jr., the man accused of murdering UVA student Hannah Graham this past September, was accused of sexual assault at two other colleges – Liberty University and Christopher Newport University when he was younger.  In both cases no charges were brought.  Perhaps if he had been at least two young women would be alive today.  Matthew just happens to be African-American.

Police should arrest criminals … period!  It doesn’t matter what their skin color is, where they were born, or what religion (if any) they choose to practice.  If the mainstream media and the “Civil Rights Community” want to tug at our collective white guilt then I would suggest that they make a case for people being falsely arrested.  Their current argument is for nothing more than a criminal quota system … affirmative action for thugs.  I don’t think that the public at large will be fooled.

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