Anything Goes in Leftist Politics

Saturday’s runoff in Louisiana is over.  Mary Landrieu is enjoying her last few days as an elected official.  Republicans will enjoy an eight seat majority come January.  What’s to worry?

While Louisiana has earned a reputation for lawlessness in its politics, some tactics used in Landrieu’s vain struggle to remain in the U.S. Senate should remain in voters’ (and conservatives’) minds long after Bill Cassidy is sworn in to replace that vestige of crooked cronyism – Mary Landrieu.


“Vote early.  Vote often.” It’s a joke oft-told about politicians.  Is it really a joke?

Thanks to the Black Conservatives Fund, we now know as fact something that many have simply feared:  Democrat politicians encourage [some] voters to vote more than once.

In this case Opelousas, LA mayor Don Cravins, Sr. encourages a group of predominately African-American voters to “Vote Again”.  Mayor Cravins just happens to be the father of Landrieu’s chief-of-staff.  As Louisiana Sen. Elbert Guillory notes in the video, the only think preventing mass voter fraud of the type encouraged by Cravins is voter ID requirements (which Louisiana thankfully has), and a Republican administration in Baton Rouge.


In addition to bewailing the evils of voter ID requirements, Democrats also love to accuse Republicans (particularly conservative Republicans) of intimidating voters.  It looks like the only folks intimidating voters in Landrieu’s race were Landrieu supporters!

The message is simple:  If you don’t come out and vote for Mary Landrieu you will lose any government benefits that you receive.

Fear mongering from the left is no better than fear mongering from the right.  Republicans have been guilty in the past as well:

Yet the Left argues that such tactics, when used to support their point of view, are perfectly fine.  Why?  Their motives are pure.  Their hearts are in the right place.  They want to turn America into their own statist utopia.  Lying is OK.  The ends ALWAYS justify the means … if we’re talking about the right ends.

Get ready for 2016.

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