Where Is the Outrage in Kent County?

“Activists” are preparing to riot in Missouri, even though the grand jury hasn’t disclosed its findings regarding the Michael Brown shooting.  Gannett is ginning up racial hatred on the Lower Shore by pushing the subtext that African-Americans are UNJUSTLY arrested in disproportionate numbers.  Yet, there seems to be little outcry when an African-American candidate appears to have been robbed of an election in Kent County.

After election night AND the absentee canvass, GOP candidate for Kent County Recorder of Deeds La Mar Gunn was the winner by two votes.  However, the Board of Canvassers decided that incumbent Democrat Betty Lou McKenna was the winner after most of the public had gone home.  The Wilmington News-Journal reports the story as if there is no question of the results.  Even when covering Gunn’s contesting of the election results, the News-Journal seems to yawn.  The Delaware State News provides better coverage … just.

If Dave Anderson’s reporting at Delaware Politics is accurate, and he usually is, there a lot of questions begging for answers.  We all know that if Gunn were a Democrat and McKenna a Republican the mainstream media would be screaming racism from the top of their collective lungs.  Unfortunately for Gunn, he chose to run as a Republican.  Expect this to be swept under the rug.

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Dover City Employees Ask for AFSCME Union Representation

DOVER, DE – Dover’s non-union city employees have abandoned their previous tactic for organizing and asked the Amalgamated Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees to be their certified bargaining agent with Dover’s city council.


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Brawl at Harrington Community Center

HARRINGTON, DE – A huge fight, involving between 200 and 300 persons, broke out early Sunday morning at the Gene Price Community Center in Harrington.  Police officers from across Kent County were dispatched to aid the Harrington Police.

Harrington Police Sgt. Adam Gillespie said he did not know what sparked the incident that included a crowd acting disorderly, fighting and throwing rocks at the officers,

"I don’t know if people rolled up who were not supposed to be there or what," he said.


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Delaware Starts Legal Line for Seniors

NEW CASTLE, DE – The Delaware Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities (DSAAPD) has set up a legal hotline for Delawareans age 60 and older.

For information call:



If callers require more than basic advice on the phone, they will be screened to see if they qualify for other services and referred to the appropriate agency.

H/T – WGMD.com

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Sussex County Renews Contract with Kent SPCA for Animal Control

GEORGETOWN, DE – Sussex County has renewed its contract with the Kent County SPCA to provide animal control services for Delaware’s lower county.  While the contract was renewed for 2012, several officials expressed concern with the Kent SPCA over it’s leadership and a high euthanization rate.

Councilwoman Joan Deaver, D-Lewes, said she didn’t think the county had much of a choice other than to renew the contract for a final one-year term.

"I’m very concerned about it," she said. "But I don’t at this point think we have a better option right now."

A new no-kill shelter, Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, is scheduled to open in 2012 and they have expressed interest in bidding on the contract for 2013.  Councilman George Cole expressed an interest in renewing the contract for only six (6) months, which would have allowed Safe Haven to bid sooner.


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Dover Power Plant to Convert to Gas

DOVER, DE – NRG Dover, a coal-fired power plant providing wholesale electricity to the grid, has announced that it will convert to natural gas.  Once the project is complete, it is estimated that the plant will produce 30% more electricity with far less pollution.

photo courtesy of the Wilmington News-Journal


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Retaliation Against Dover Air Force Base Whistleblowers

DOVER, DE – The saga of mismanagement and desecration of the remains of fallen American service members at Dover Air Force Base’s mortuary continues.  Randall Chase of the Associated Press writes about retaliation against the three employees who blew the whistle on mistreatment of the remains of service members lost in Afghanistan and Iraq.

While the U.S. Air Force claims to have fixed the problems, it should be noted that the Air Force, in its investigation of the matter, claims that the removal of a Marine’s arm because workers couldn’t get a uniform on him didn’t violate any rules.  Perhaps the Department of Defense should re-examine the Air Force’s investigation and its rules concerning the handling of deceased service men and women.


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Delmarva Schools Delayed by Fog

SALISBURY – Schools throughout Delmarva will be delayed 1 – 2 hours due to fog.

Accomack County Schools 2 Hours
Cape Henlopen School District 2 Hours
Caroline County Schools 2 Hours
Delmar School District 2 Hours
Dorchester County Schools 2 Hours
Indian River School District 2 Hours
Laurel School District 2 Hours
Milford School District 1 Hour
Queen Anne’s County Schools 90 Minutes
Seaford School District 2 Hours
Somerset County Schools 2 Hours
Sussex Tech School District 2 Hours
Talbot County Schools 90 Minutes
Wicomico County Schools 2 Hours
Woodbridge School District 2 Hours
Worcester County Schools 2 Hours

For a complete listing of all closings / delays, visit WBOC.com

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Delaware Hunters Feed Hungry

DOVER, DE – Once again, the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife is sponsoring SPORTSMEN AGAINST HUNGER.  Generous hunters are encouraged to donate all, or a part, of their harvest to the program.  Some of the beneficiaries of the program include Giving to the Homeless, the Salvation Army shelters, and the Selbyville Food Pantry.

For more information, go to the program’s website or contact:

Wayne Lehman: 302-284-1077 (Kent and New Castle Counties)
Rob Gano: 302-539-3160 (Sussex County)
For brochures, please call Michael Friel at 302-836-2541.


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Dover AFB Participates in Global Exercise

DOVER, DE – C-5 Galaxy military transports, and crews from Dover Air Force Base’s 9th Military Airlift Squadron, just participated in a global swift response exercise.  The purpose of the exercise was to test the abilities of the 40+ year old military airlift platform.

“We wanted to test the AMC system by putting as many C-5s as we could muster up into that system and see how it could handle it,” said Lt. Col. David Herbison, director of operations for the 9th Airlift Squadron. “Normally on any given Sunday, we have around 18 C-5s that are flowing through the air mobility system. We decided in a one-week period we were going to surge the system; we roughly doubled that number.”

The exercise ran from October 17 – 21.


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Sorry, No News Yet from Kent Co., DE

We’re sorry, but we haven’t posted any news from Kent County yet.  We’ve got plenty of news from the rest of DelMarVa.  Keep checking back.

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