In Delaware It’s Only Tax Money!

WILMINGTON, DE – What happens when a local non-profit wants to invest $100,000 renovating a local museum?  The county government rejects the help of course!

That is what has occurred recently in New Castle County when a local group offered to spend $100,000 on the historic Rockwood Mansion.  Why?  The PRIVATE group was not going pay a “prevailing wage” on the work.  Delaware Rep. Danny Short and Delaware Rep. Deborah Hudson have penned an op-ed in response to Delaware’s system of kow-towing to unions at the taxpayers’ expense.

Yet one more method of the government queering the free market, prevailing wage laws are designed to encourage the hiring of union contractors.  If non-union contractors are forced to pay union-scale wages (the “prevailing wage”), governments are encouraged to hire union contractors.  There is no cost advantage to hiring a non-union contractor and non-union contractors don’t (as a rule) picket your job site.

In the case of the Rockwood Mansion, the project would be undertaken by a private group.  However, the government owns the property.  The New Castle County council and executive have decided that the prevailing wage must be paid even though Friends of Rockwood Mansion are a private, not-for-profit organization.  (The state law only requires “prevailing wage” on GOVERNMENT capital projects).

So, what’s the result?  An historic treasure won’t receive the renovation it desperately needs.  When it does, the cost will be far higher than it would be without the burden of the prevailing wage law.  And … Delaware taxpayers will have to pick up the tab rather than a group of private citizens who ponied up for the renovation to begin with.

God Bless the AFL-CIO and their lackeys in the Delaware Legislature.

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Why Do YOU Pay Rent to Joe Biden?

GREENVILLE, DE – Last year YOU paid $26,400 in rent to Vice President Joe Biden.  Why?

It seems that the U.S. Secret Service uses a cottage on the grounds of Biden’s estate outside Wilmington.  This property is used as part of Biden’s protection detail but Biden charges the taxpayers $2,200 per month!

Typical of most high-profile liberals, Biden and his wife donated less than two percent of their adjusted gross income to charity in 2012.


photo courtesy of the Washington Times

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Commercial Air Service to Resume in DE

NEW CASTLE, DE – Commercial air service will return to Delaware after a five (5) year absence.  The Associated Press reports that Frontier Airlines will begin offering three (3) flights per week to Chicago and Houston beginning on July 1.  Additional flights to Orlando, Tampa, and Denver will begin soon after.

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Fisker Heading Towards Bankruptcy?

Another beneficiary of millions in taxpayer subsidies appears headed for bankruptcy.  Fisker, the electric car company, has fired three quarters of its staff according to Wilmington’s News-Journal.

In 2009 Fisker received a $529 million Federal loan and $21 million in other incentives from the state of Delaware.  President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden heralded Fisker as a big part of the administration’s “Green Energy” initiative.

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Accident Shuts Down I-95

WILMINGTON, DE – An accident Sunday evening shut down the southbound lanes of I-95 for about four hours.  The accident occurred at around 8PM near the Rock Manor section of Wilmington.  DelDOT reported that the road was opened at 12:44 AM.

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DNREC, Port of Wilmington Worried About Effects of Global Warming

WILMINGTON, DE – It’s never a bad thing to plan for probable contingencies, but it appears that the state of Delaware and the Port of Wilmington are worrying about fantasy.  The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is working on scenarios where the sea level rises by 0.5 meters, 1.0 meters, and 1.5 meters.

Delaware First Media reports that a DNREC study indicates the port could suffer irreparable damage if the sea level rises 1.0 meters.  Readers should note that there is a difference between “sea level” and rises in the Delaware River due to natural flooding conditions.  It should also be noted that flood levels can rise much farther than 1.0, or even 1.5, meters.

This “study” sounds like another ploy to spend federal (and state) tax dollars in the name of “man-made climate change”.  Naturally occurring weather cycles (both long and short term) should be planned for.  The need to spend money on the possibility that the average sea level in Wilmington will rise 3’ – 5’ should be viewed with skepticism.

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Carper Bests MD Colleagues Over Postal Facility Closure

The US Postal Service (USPS) listened to complaints from Maryland politicians and now those same politicians are upset because the USPS evidently bought into their argument.  Rather than keep the Easton processing plant open, it appears that mail for Maryland’s Eastern Shore will be going to the Hares Corner facility in New Castle, DE.

Let’s face it.  Senators Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) didn’t want the Easton facility to close – at any cost.  However, they (and a host of other Maryland politicians) couldn’t be so brazen as to say – “Don’t close Easton, we want that piece of pork to stay”.  Instead, they argued that Eastern Shore businesses and consumers would suffer because heavy Bay Bridge traffic (or an occasional shut down) would delay mail if the work of the Easton plant was moved to Baltimore.

At the same time, the Hares Corner plant was also on the chopping block.  Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) didn’t want that plant closed any more than Cardin and Mikulski wanted Easton shuttered.  The USPS is now looking at closing Easton and moving Eastern Shore mail sorting to Hares Corner.  No potential Bay Bridge problems there.

Now Mikulski and Cardin are screaming murder again; claiming that certain rules weren’t followed.  Here’s the bottom line – no Maryland politician wants to see those juicy, high paying, union jobs moving to Delaware.  Who can blame them.

Does anyone on the Maryland Shore want to see those jobs leave?  Of course not.  Unfortunately, the USPS simply can’t raise rates at will.  They have too much competition in the digital age.  They are saddled with union contracts that make them a high cost producer.  Whether deserved or not, the Postal Service’s reputation for poor customer service is legend.  They have to cut costs somewhere.

Perhaps pols like Cardin and Mikulski need to be careful what they wish for.

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Baby Delivered in Toll Plaza

WILMINGTON, DE – New Castle County paramedics and three Delaware River and Bay Authority police officers delivered a baby at the toll plaza of the Delaware Memorial Bridge Saturday morning.  A 28 year old woman was a passenger in car crossing into Delaware when she went into active labor.  Paramedics were called.  Because her labor progressed so quickly, the child was delivered there.  Both mother and child were transported to Christiana Hospital for evaluation.

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Glow in the Dark Tissue Holders

WILMINGTON, DE – The Delaware Division of Public Health has confirmed that radioactive items have been removed from the Bed, Bath, and Beyond store on Brandywine Parkway.  The metal items were contaminated with Cobalt-60.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has posted information on these products on and urges customers to call the company at 1-800-462-3966 with any questions or concerns.


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Wright Denied Bail Hearing Despite Overturning of Conviction

WILMINGTON, DE – While Jermaine Wright’s conviction may have been overturned, he will not be given a bail hearing unless the Delaware Supreme Court concurs with the lower court opinion overturning his conviction.  Wright’s conviction for murdering liquor store clerk Philip Seifert in 1991 was overturned by Superior Court Judge John A. Parkins.  Parkins’ opinion stated that he had “no confidence” in the evidence used to convict Wright.

Parkins originally indicated that he would grant a bail hearing.  However, upon appeal of his decision by the Delaware Attorney General’s office to the Supreme Court, Parkins agreed that the Supreme Court now has jurisdiction.

photo and video courtesy of the Wilmington News-Journal


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Flood Warning in New Castle County

WILMINGTON, DE – The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Christina River at Cooch’s Bridge in New CastleCounty.

Forecasters say the River is expected to rise above flood stage this morning, but should fall below flood stage by this afternoon.

Drivers are being advised to be on the lookout for rising water.

from WGMD

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Delaware Legislator Draws Opponent After Criticizing Fellow Democrats

TALLEYVILLE, DE – Delaware Rep. Dennis Williams (D-10) might want to think before he puts pen to paper next time.  It seems that Williams is drawing a primary challenge from Brandywine School District teacher Sean Matthews.  Williams crime?  He dared to criticize fellow Democrats for not permitting two new casinos in the First State.


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BREAKING NEWS – Ice on New Castle County Roads

NEW CASTLE, DE – DelDOT is reporting that ice can be found on some New Castle County Roads this morning.  Motorists are advised to show caution as they go out this morning.

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Delaware Police Searching for Townsend Man on Assault Charge

ODESSA, DE – Delaware State Police are searching for a 22 year old Townsend man accused of assaulting two men on New Years Eve.  A warrant has been issued for the arrest of James Woznicki.

Police say the incident started around 8:30 p.m. Saturday when the duo arrived at a party on Anchor Inn Road in Townsend where the men got into a confrontation with others attending the party and decided to leave.

It is alleged that Woznicki followed them and threw glass bottles at their car, striking a 19-year-old Middletown man in the head through the open passenger side window.  The 27-year-old driver from New Castle then got into a physical altercation with Woznicki who kicked and punched him in the face numerous times.  Both men were taken to Christiana Hospital.

Source –

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Delaware Starts Legal Line for Seniors

NEW CASTLE, DE – The Delaware Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities (DSAAPD) has set up a legal hotline for Delawareans age 60 and older.

For information call:



If callers require more than basic advice on the phone, they will be screened to see if they qualify for other services and referred to the appropriate agency.

H/T –

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Amazon Project Approved

MIDDLETOWN, DE – The Middletown Town Council has approved plans for a warehouse proposed by  The town also provided tax breaks for the project.

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Traffic Alert – Lane Closure on Chesapeake City Road

GLASGOW, DE – DelDOT announces that there will be a lane closure on Chesapeake City Road.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 7 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., pending weather

WHERE: Chesapeake City Road between Frazer Road and Steele Road in New Castle County

WHAT: Walton Corporation will begin collecting soil borings to evaluate the design options for the road and bridge. Due to the nature of the work, it is necessary to keep the equipment in place which will require the closure of one lane. Flaggers will be on site to direct traffic.

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Red Clay School District Building Chinese Language Program

WILMINGTON, DE – With two new teachers from China, the Red Clay Consolidated School District is building a Chinese language program that is designed to be a model for the state of Delaware.  About 50 students are currently taking Chinese classes at the Conrad Schools of Science and Alexis I duPont High School.  The cost of the program is being shared by the state of Delaware and China.

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Priest Pleads Guilty to Stealing from Elderly Parishioner

WILMINGTON, DE – Rev. Michael Angeloni, 62, has entered a guilty plea stemming from the theft of over $300,000 from an elderly parishioner.  Angeloni faces up to 15 years in prison when sentenced in February.

Angeloni’s admission comes less than a month after another priest, the Rev. Cornelius Breslin, was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay $383,000 restitution for stealing from his Wilmington parish.

Breslin, like Angeloni, had pleaded guilty to one count of theft of more than $100,000.


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Wilmington Christmas Parade Moved to Saturday, November 26th

WILMINGTON, DE – The annual Wilmington Christmas Parade, usually held on Black Friday, will be held this year on Satuday.

"Moving the parade to Saturday offers the opportunity to use the ‘Small Business Saturday’ campaign as an additional incentive for downtown businesses to remain open before, during and after the parade and to use the marketing advantages built into the campaign," said Tina Betz, Wilmington’s director of cultural affairs and fund development. "The ‘Small Business Saturday’ campaign also attracted additional marketing partners to the table, such as the Small Business Administration.

"Additionally, holding the parade on Saturday meant we could include The Grand’s light show as a ‘grand’ finale to the afternoon activities."

The 48th annual Christmas Parade is sponsored by the Wilmington Jaycees.

photo courtesy of the Wilmington News-Journal


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Secret Service Renews Lease with Biden

GREENVILLE, DE – If you’re Vice President Joe Biden you not only enjoy lifelong Secret Service protection, you get to charge the taxpayer for providing the service.  As reported in Friday’s Washington Times, the U. S. Secret Service has just renewed it lease of a cottage on Biden’s estate in Delaware’s Chateau country.

Biden will continue to collect $26,400 in rent each year, from the taxpayers.  This is the first time that the Secret Service has been forced to pay rent to a protectee as part of doing their job:

In August, a Secret Service spokesman acknowledged the unusual arrangement of the federal agency paying Biden as part of its duty to protect him. "We’ve not rented from protectees before," Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan told the News Journal.

photo courtesy of the Wilmington News Journal


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Man Killed in Wilmington Shooting

WILMINGTON, DE – Wilmington police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man in the Madison Townhomes.  Police are searching for a gold, Ford Crown Victoria which fled the scene.

Police will release more details as they become available.

from the Wilmington News-Journal

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Amtrak Service Delayed Due to Accident

WILMINGTON, DE – Amtrak service was delayed Wednesday night after an Acela train travelling from New York to Washington struck an unidentified person on the tracks south of Wilmington.

Source – Wilmington News-Journal

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Understanding Social Security

WILMINGTON, DE – DFM News is hosting a forum entitled Understanding Social Security this Friday, November 4th at Arsht Hall on the University of Delaware’s Wilmington campus. The event is open to the public and will be available via live webcast at DFM News.

This week, DFM News will be offering a variety of stories and commentary in preparation for Friday’s discussion. Today, an e-mail forum featuring panelists participating in the event:

With a struggling economy, rising cost of living, and a Senate super committee tasked with finding over $1 trillion spending cuts in the federal budget, Social Security has become an increasing topic for debate among many Americans. Political opinions on Social Security range from calls for measured changes to program to secure its solvency to claims that it is akin to a “Ponzi scheme” and will eventually collapse, making it likely that Social Security will among the top issues in the coming 2012 election cycle.

To help provide the public a better grasp of Social Security and the issues its faces, DFM News is hosting a forum entitled Understanding Social Security on Friday, November 4th. Prior to the forum, we asked some of expert panelists appearing at the event to answer one simple question: “Why should people care about Social Security?” Their responses, submitted via email, are below.

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Delaware Hunters Feed Hungry

DOVER, DE – Once again, the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife is sponsoring SPORTSMEN AGAINST HUNGER.  Generous hunters are encouraged to donate all, or a part, of their harvest to the program.  Some of the beneficiaries of the program include Giving to the Homeless, the Salvation Army shelters, and the Selbyville Food Pantry.

For more information, go to the program’s website or contact:

Wayne Lehman: 302-284-1077 (Kent and New Castle Counties)
Rob Gano: 302-539-3160 (Sussex County)
For brochures, please call Michael Friel at 302-836-2541.


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Construction Debt Threatens Historic School

HOCKESSIN, DE – Hockessin Community Center officials face a possible Sheriff’s sale, AND the loss of a historic property, if a $211,000 debt is not paid.  The Hockessin Community Center is being sued by Petrucon Construction for work which Petrucon completed for the Community Center.  Because of this, the center’s property could go up for auction.  The property includes School 107C, an historic African-American school (the “c” stands for “colored”) which played a role in the desegregation battles of the 1950’s.


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Sorry, No News Yet from New Castle County

We’re sorry, but we haven’t posted any news from New Castle County yet.  We’ve got plenty of news from the rest of DelMarVa.  Keep checking back.

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