Where Were You in ‘68?

Windows smashed.  Buildings ablaze, lighting up the night sky.  “Civil Rights Activists” ginning up the mob.  Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

What’s the net result?  For starters, black and immigrant owned businesses are gone.  Families, most likely African-American, are homeless.  The only winners are the race pimps, the agitators, and the mainstream media – whose ratings go up as we sit in front of our LCD screens and watch as “those people”, hundreds (or thousands) of miles away destroy a small city.

In 1968 I was a young kid living just across the Baltimore City line.  My father worked downtown at the old Fish Market (now Port Discovery).  Here is one of my memories:

What’s the biggest difference?  One photo is color and the other is black and white.

Businesses and homes were burned.  People lost their jobs.  People had no home to return to after the tumult.

Have injustices been addressed?  Yes.  Does more need to be done?  Yes.  However, I would argue that the non-violent actions of people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Ralph Abernathy, Medgar Evers, and countless others did more to bring that about than any action by the likes of Rap Brown, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton.  They also managed to encourage progress rather than destroy the lives of their fellow African-Americans.

Today we have the likes of Attorney General Eric Holder stating that he “doesn’t condone the violence”.  Missouri governor Jay Nixon refused to send in the National Guard until after a full night of burning and looting.  Back then Baltimore mayor Thomas L. J. D’Alesandro, III refused to ask Maryland governor Spiro Agnew to send in the National Guard until a great deal of damage had already been done and the riot had gotten out of hand.  At least Agnew, considered a moderate, “Rockefeller” Republican at the time, took a stand and demanded that the self-identified “leaders” of the African-American community lead and denounce the violence.  Most did not out of fear of reprisals from the more radical elements inciting the riots.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani last week demanded that our nation’s leaders denounce the violence in Ferguson.  Where are our elected officials?  Are they too afraid of the Al Sharptons of the world and how they will be portrayed on MSNBC?

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Salisbury Man Murdered in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, MD – Cambridge police seek information on a homicide last night in the city. Officers said La’Bryan Deonte Jones, 21, of Salisbury died while en route to shock trauma from a gun shot wound to the head.

Police found Jones at about 10 p.m. near Park Lane and Willis Street. Officers treated him, then took him to Dorchester General Hospital, where he was stabilized and then flown to the trauma center.          

In a statement Tuesday, Cambridge Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley decried the act of violence and urged residents to call police with any information.

from the Star Democrat

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Cambridge Primary Today

CAMBRIDGE, MD – Cambridge voters have the opportunity today to narrow the field to candidates for mayor and for the Ward 1 town council seat.  Voting takes place at Governors’ Hall in Sailwinds Park.

photo courtesy of the Star Democrat


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Current and Former Mayors to Battle for Seat in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, MD – Incumbent Cambridge mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley won’t be getting a free pass in this summer’s municipal elections.  Former mayor Cleveland Rippons and Cambridge PD Det. John Foster have filed to challenge Jackson-Stanley.  Four of the five incumbents on the Cambridge City Council had filed for re-election: Ward 1 Commissioner Kenneth Knox, Ward 2 Commissioner Donald Sydnor, Ward 4 Commissioner Gage Thomas and Ward 5 Commissioner Robert Hanson.

The primary election will June 12th.  The general election will be July 10th.  Candidates have until 4:30 PM Friday to file their candidacy.

photo courtesy of the Star Democrat

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Another Police Shooting in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, MD – Cambridge police are looking for Demetrice D. Demby, of 706 Douglas Street in Cambridge, after Demby drove his truck at an officer and two police officers opened fire on Demby as he left the scene.  This is the second officer-involved shooting in Cambridge in the last three weeks.

Shortly before 12:30 a.m., two Cambridge police officers stopped a 1995 Chevrolet truck for a traffic violation on Leonards Lane. Police requested a K-9 unit to come scan the truck for drugs.

During the search, Demby allegedly accelerated the truck and drove at one of the officers in front of the truck. That officer fired his department-issued .40-caliber Glock at Demby, police said.

A second officer also fired his pistol at Demby, police said.

The officer in front of the truck dove as it passed, and sustained injuries. Police do not know whether the officer sustained injuries from the truck or the fall, or both.

Police pursued, but lost, Demby. A short time later, police found the truck abandoned on Muir Street. The truck had damage consistent with gunshots and investigators saw what appeared to be blood inside. Police do not know if that is Demby’s blood, or if he was injured from a shot fired by police.

The injured officer needed medical treatment for injuries to his arms and legs, including a broken ankle. The other officer was not injured. Two other Cambridge police officers on the scene did not fire their weapons and were not injured.

The Maryland State Police are conducting an investigation of the shooting.

Source – The Star Democrat

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Cambridge Man Held on Drug, Shooting Charges

CAMBRIDGE, MD – Lewis P. Dennis III, aged 22, was arrested Saturday night in connection with a shooting on Park Lane in Cambridge.  Dennis was pulled over by police after a report of shots being fired in the 800 block of Park Lane.  A search of Dennis’s car revealed a loaded handgun, crack cocaine, and marijuana.  He is being held on $300,000 bond.

photo courtesy of the Star Democrat


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State Picks Sailwinds Developer

CAMBRIDGE, MD – The Maryland Department of Transportation has selected the Jerome J. Parks Cos. to develop the 11.77 acre former Cambridge Marine Terminal property.  Parks plans to build a mixed-use development of residential and retail on the site along the Choptank River.

"It is the council’s hope that plans to redevelop Sailwinds will enhance Dorchester County as a destination and encourage economic development activities," Dorchester County Council President Jay L. Newcomb said. "We understand the developer selection process to date has been based on specific selection criteria and trust that the Parks Companies has expertise and experience to develop this waterfront property in keeping with the local community’s goals that showcases the county while preserving a public use venue and allowing public access (to) the waterfront."

The Parks Cos. and MDOT will hold a series of meetings over the next year to solicit input from area residents and businesses.  One key component of the development will be linking Sailwinds with Hyatt resort via a series of walking / biking trails.


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Teacher Gets 18 Months for Sexual Abuse of Students

CAMBRIDGE, MD – A former teacher Cambridge – South Dorchester High School math teacher was sentenced to 50 years in prison Wednesday.  However, all but 18 months of the sentence was suspended.  This was a result of a plea bargain with the office of the State’s Attorney for Dorchester County.

David Henry Lamparter was sentenced by Judge Brett Wilson to 25 years (all but 18 months suspended) for one count of sexual abuse of a minor.  He was also sentenced to a consecutive 25 year term for a second count of sexual abuse of a minor.  That sentence was suspended entirely.

Lamparter, 31, was indicted May 23rd on 15 counts of sexual abuse of a minor, 13 counts of fourth-degree sex offense, 13 counts of second-degree assault and possession of both marijuana and illegal drug paraphernalia.

photo courtesy of the Star-Democrat


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