Coleman for Virginia Senate

Tomorrow is another election day … at least on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Voters in Virginia’s 6th senatorial district, which includes the ESVA along with sections of Norfolk and Mathews County, will have the opportunity to elect a replacement for Lt. Governor-elect Ralph Northam.  They will choose between Del. Lynwood Lewis (D-100) and Norfolk businessman Wayne Coleman.  The choice is simple.  Coleman exemplifies the values on which the people of Accomac and Northampton counties take pride in – hard work, individualism, devotion to family and community, and fiscal responsibility.

Coleman personifies Eastern Shore values.  Virginia needs more small businessmen (and women) like Coleman in the General Assembly, not more lawyers like Lewis.  Lewis, while living on the Shore, has shown himself to be a poster child for “Richmond values”, voting for tax hikes, more spending, and growth in state government.

Lewis obviously hopes that the historical parochialism of Virginia’s Eastern Shore will be enough to get him to the Senate.  The ESVA has always been the “red headed step-child” of Virginia.  The state government routinely neglects to even include the Shore on official images of the Commonwealth.  Shore residents can hardly be blamed for their inherent parochialism.  However, when Shore voters have chosen folks from across the Bay to represent them in Richmond they have been well-served.  While I may have my own problems with Sen. Tommy Norment (R-3), does anyone (other than Bill Fears) honestly argue that he did not serve the Shore well?  Northam played on the ESVA’s inherent parochialism to defeat Nick Reras and voted more like a senator from Arlington County than the Eastern Shore.

Sending Lewis to the Virginia Senate is akin to “cutting your nose off to spite your face”.  Akin to Shore Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly, Lewis tosses his “Shore values” in a bin* when he crosses the Bay on his way to Richmond.  In Richmond he has represented the Democrat Party, NOT the 100th District or the Eastern Shore.  Coleman will represent, and fight to protect, those Shore values irrespective of where he resides.  Why?  Because they are not just “Eastern Shore values”.  They are Virginia values.  They are American values.

* – Thanks to Maryland Del. Mike McDermott (R-38B) for his now famous analogy from the 2010 election.

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Randall Named to VSU Board

CAPE CHARLES, VA – Virginia governor Bob McDonnell has appointed Northampton County Supervisor and businessman Willie Randall to the Virginia State University Board of Visitors.  Randall is a 1976 graduate of VSU.  After retiring from a 20 year career in the U.S. Army, Randall opened the Exmore office of the Edward Jones Investments.

"In this position, I will have an opportunity to give back to the university that gave so much to me," said Randall on Tuesday.

"I want to thank the governor for having confidence in me and for appointing me to this position. I look forward to helping this great university and my alma mater to shape the future of education."

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CBBT Wind Restrictions Downgraded

KIPTOPEKE, VA – Winds have subsided to 40 MPH and restrictions on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel have been downgraded to Level 1.  Winds are forecast to decrease throughout the day.

Level 1 restrictions are:

The following types of vehicles will not be allowed to cross the facility during Level 1 wind restrictions:  large pick-up campers; camper trailers; house trailers; anything being towed; vehicles with any exterior cargo.

To verify travel restrictions on the CBBT, call (757) 331-2960.

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Northampton Sheriff Credits Staff in Making County “Safest It Can Be”

EASTVILLE, VA – Northampton County Sheriff David L. Doughty, Jr. is beginning his first full term.  His number one goal is to make Northampton County “the safest it can be” for its citizens.  In tackling that goal, he credits his deputies and staff.

photo courtesy of the Eastern Shore News


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Wind Restrictions on CBBT

KIPTOPEKE, VA – The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is currently operating under a Level 4 wind restriction.  Only cars without exterior cargo, pick-up trucks without cargo, mini-vans, and SUVs are being allowed to cross the span, according to the span’s weather line.

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SEVERE WEATHER ALERT – High Winds May Cause Power Outages

The Weather Channel reports that high winds may cause power outages on the lower portion of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

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Closings / Delays – January 11, 2012

The following schools and businesses will be closed or delayed today due to weather.  This will be updated throughout the morning.

Accomack County Public Schools 2 Hour Delay
Northampton County Public Schools 1 Hour Delay

Closing / Delay list courtesy of WBOC-TV

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Wind Restrictions on CBBT

KIPTOPEKE, VA – Winds of over 40 MPH have caused the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to put a Level 1 restriction in effect.  Large pickup campers, camper trailers, house trailers, anything being towed and vehicles with exterior cargo were being prevented from crossing the bridge-tunnel.

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Onley Fresh Pride Store Closes

ONLEY, VA – Customers and employees of the Four Corners Fresh Pride grocery store received some abrupt news after Christmas.  The store was closing … IMMEDIATELY.

The closure affected almost 20 employees, said Camellia Food Stores Inc. Chief Operating Officer Scott Beavers.

Only "a handful" lost their jobs, he said. All managers and assistant managers were transferred to other store locations.

"Unfortunately there’s only so much room for retail operations on the Shore," said Beavers. "We just decided to cut our losses there."

Camellia operates three other Fresh Pride stores on the Virginia Eastern Shore – in Chincoteague, Parksley, and Exmore.  The company stated that it has no plans to close any other Shore stores.

photo courtesy of the Eastern Shore News


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Eastville Inn to Re-Open

EASTVILLE, VA – The historic Eastville Inn will re-open under a new operator.  The Northampton County Board of Supervisors have approved a new operator for the inn, which dates to 1726.

Tim Abraham, a restaurateur who currently owns a restaurant at the Cherrystone Campground, has been selected to operate the inn.

"Mr. Abraham has many years experience as a restaurateur, and should be a great choice as Eastville Inn’s next chef and operator," said Mayor James Sturgis in a letter of support sent from the Town of Eastville and read by County Administrator Katie Nunez.


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Shore Farmers Concerned About “Pollution Diet”

MELFA, VA and SALISBURY, MD – Farmers, environmental activists, and other interested citizens gathered at two separate locations on the Eastern Shore to discuss the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s so-called “Pollution Diet”, or Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), and its impact on Shore agriculture.  Hundreds showed up at Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa showed up at a discussion organized by Del. Lynwood Lewis (D-100).  A smaller group of about 30 came to a debate put together by the Wicomico Neighborhood Congress.

One common theme between the two meetings was “certainty”.  Farmers, who have been described as the nation’s most regulated small business owners, are not only concerned about the regulations but also about the lack of assurance that the goals will continually shift – with an ever increasing burden placed on agriculture.

“They want to know simply what to do, let me do it and leave me alone,” said Wilmer Stoneman, Associate Director for Government Relations for the Virginia Farm Bureau.

Virginia, Delaware and Maryland all are looking at certification, termed “Ag Certainty,” that would ensure farmers who voluntarily take on restrictive standards are considered in compliance with requirements for a certain period, said Jeff Corbin, Senior Advisor on the Chesapeake Bay for the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Seventy miles up US 13 Bill Satterfield, Executive Director of Delmarva Poultry Industry (DPI) was echoing the same sentiment.  While being careful to emphasize that he was not speaking for the entire farm community, Satterfield noted the work that the poultry industry industry, and farmers in general, have done in reducing nutrient pollution.  Yet, the bar continues to move.

In Salisbury Alan Girard of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) emphasized that farmers and “the advocacy community” could work together in finding solutions.  However, he added, there must be consequences for continued pollution to the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.

While many farmers seemed willing, even eager, to work with the government and environmental groups like the CBF, there appeared to be a lack of trust.  Satterfield presented several quotes from the president of the CBF Maryland League of Conservation Voters (MLCV) that portrayed farmers as greedy and interested solely in profit.  G. A. Harrison also quoted a mailing sent out several years ago from the CBF that claimed a goal was to rid the Delmarva Peninsula of “factory farms”.

photo courtesy of the Eastern Shore News


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Northampton School Board to Hold Public Hearing on Comp Plan

MACHIPONGO, VA – The Northampton County School Board will hold a public hearing at its December 12th meeting to discuss its “Comprehensive Plan”.

The Comprehensive Plan will be a working document used to guide the district forward over the next six years in the areas of Instruction and Academic Achievement, Community and Parental Involvement and Operations.

The goals and objectives for the Division Comprehensive Plan are based on current analysis of data regarding where the district stands today and where the district would like to be in the future.

The meeting will be held at the board’s conference room at at 7207 Young St., Machipongo.  The meeting will begin at 6 PM.

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Richmond Wants to Ignore the Shore … Again

Residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore think that they have it bad when it comes to state government.  Folks from the nine shore counties claim (rightly so) that Annapolis and the legislators from the Baltimore – DC corridor run roughshod over them.  They should count their lucky stars they don’t live in Virginia.

Official drawings of the Commonwealth have been issued, without the Eastern Shore.  Politicians ignore Accomack and Northampton counties except when a close election is at hand or they want to come over for Chincoteague’s Seafood Festival or the Harvest Festival.  Things would be far worse if not for the hard work and dedication of people like former Del. Bob Bloxom and current Del. Lynwood Lewis.  Now, the administration of Gov. Bob McDonnell wants to strip the Eastern Shore of any say regarding its (potentially) greatest economic asset – the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

Under its current structure, the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority is required to have one board member from each of the two Virginia Eastern Shore Counties.  A report issued for the administration claims that eliminating the requirement will provide “greater flexibility” in appointing appointing board members who better serve the Authority’s mission.  Really?

In order to make the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority successful, a certain amount of local buy in will be necessary.  One more example of Richmond’s cavalier attitude towards the Virginia Shore doesn’t encourage Eastern Shore residents in supporting the spaceport.

What’s next for the people of Virginia’s Eastern Shore?  Will the Commonwealth eliminate its representation from the board of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Commission?

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Cape Charles Grand Illumination

CAPE CHARLES, VA – The second annual Cape Charles Grand Illumination begins at 6:30 PM this Saturday, December 3rd, at the Cape Charles Central Park.  Included at the event will be Christmas carols and a choir.  In the event of rain or snow, the Grand Illumination will be held on Sunday, December 4th.

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ESVA Broadband Director Resigns

MELFA, VA – Patrick Coady, Executive Director of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority, has resigned citing differences with the current board.  In a letter dated November 2nd, Coady states:

… recent changes in the board membership have led to "a continual cycle of second-guessing by some board members of the goals and direction the board laid out and has operated under for the past three years."

Coady began serving as Executive Director in January, 2009.  Prior to that he was a volunteer with the authority’s technical and business subcommittees.


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ESVA Election Results

ACCOMAC, VA – The results of yesterday’s elections in Accomack and Northampton counties can be found on the State Board of Elections website.  The winners are listed below:


Commissioner of Revenue Gary Agar
Commonwealth’s Attorney Leslie Mears Savage
Sheriff Todd Godwin
Treasurer Dana T. Bundick
Supervisor – District 1 Wanda Thornton
Supervisor – District 2 Ron Wolff
Supervisor – District 3 Grayson Chesser
Supervisor – District 4 Kay Lewis
Supervisor – District 5 Jack Gray
Supervisor – District 6 Robert Crockett
Supervisor – District 7 Laura Belle Gordy
Supervisor – District 8 Donald Hart
Supervisor – District 9 Reneta Major

Virginia Sen. Ralph Northam and Del. Lynwood Lewis easily won Accomack County.  For complete results of ALL races, go to the State Board of Elections’ page for Accomack County.

[Read more…]

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Election Day – Don’t Forget to Vote!

Today is election day in Virginia.  Citizens have the opportunity to elect all 140 members of the General Assembly as well as local offices throughout the Commonwealth.  On the Eastern Shore, here are your choices:

Virginia Senate Sen. Ralph Northam (D) Ben Loyola (R)
House of Delegates Lynwood Lewis (D)  
Commissioner of Revenue Leslie Mears Savage  
Commonwealth’s Attorney Gary Agar (D)  
Treasurer Dana T. Bundick Greg Duncan
Sheriff Walter Marks David Rogers
  Todd Godwin  
Soil Conservation District Fred Holland Jim Evans
Supervisor – District 1 Wanda Thornton  
Supervisor – District 2 Ron Wolff  
Supervisor – District 3 Grayson Chesser  
Supervisor – District 4 Kay Lewis Sandy Hart-Mears
Supervisor – District 5 Jack Gray  
Supervisor – District 6 Robert Crockett  
Supervisor – District 7 Laura Belle Gordy Emory Hurst
  Troy Farlow  
Supervisor – District 8 Donald Hart (D)  
Supervisor – District 9 Wesley Edwards Reneta Major (D)
Onley Town Council Don Strautz Jack Pierson
Parksley Town Council Laura Atkins  
Commissioner of Revenue Anne Sayers  
Commonwealth’s Attorney Bruce Jones  
Sheriff David Doughty  
Treasurer Cynthia Bradford Carol Glowacki (R)
  T. Charles Renner, Jr.  
Soil and Water Conservation W. Rawlings Scott, Jr Robin Rich-Coates
Supervisor – District 4 Rick Hubbard  
Supervisor – District 5 Larry Trala Betsy Mapp
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Sorry, No News Yet from Northampton County

We’re sorry, but we haven’t posted any news from Northampton County yet.  We’ve got plenty of news from the rest of DelMarVa.  Keep checking back.

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