The Bill for Secession

No one dislikes the Maryland state government more than I do; and the Baltimore Sun’s Dan Rodrick’s is Maryland’s poster child for the smug, sanctimonious liberal journalist.  That said, Rodrick’s response to the current discussion of secession by five western Maryland counties is well worth reading.  Rodrick lays out just some of the potential costs to Western Marylanders if they actually secede from the Once Free State.

Here on Delmarva we’ve entertained similar discussions in the past, although not as seriously as the folks west of the Baltimore-DC corridor seem to be.  We want our gas tax money back (as do the folks in Allegheny, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett, and Washington counties).  We want the jackboot of Annapolis off of our collective necks (ditto for the Western Maryland 5).  In my home of Wicomico County we resent the state telling us what our local property tax rate will be and their effective assassination of our sacred revenue cap.  Personally, I would love to see the Eastern Shore become its own state or possibly merge with Delaware and Virginia’s two Eastern Shore counties (Accomack and Northampton).

There’s just one little problem … how many Eastern Shore residents (or Western Maryland taxpayers) are willing to pay the bill that would be due.  Do you think the voters of Worcester County would be willing to reimburse Annapolis for the cost of beach replenishment or the expansion of US 113?  What do you think the response would be if Wicomico residents were told that they had to reimburse Maryland for the cost of the by-pass around Salisbury and Salisbury University?  God forbid that we actually paid the full freight for the costs of our schools.  What would be the response from folks in Somerset if they had to pay Maryland back for UMES or ECI?  What about the Shore’s community colleges and state parks?

Does anyone actually believe that the good folks of Queen Anne’s or Kent would voluntarily pony up to help us pay those costs?  It reminds me of the many problems faced by the Confederacy when it was formed.

Things like secession sound great in the abstract.  Personally, I think that secession by both Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore would probably be a good thing.  It’s just important that people have a serious discussion with their eyes wide open.

Note:  I know the graphic doesn’t show Carroll as shaded, but it was the best we could do.

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Biden Calls for “Bi-Partisanship”

WILMINGTON, DE – Speaking at a fundraiser for his son, Delaware AG Beau Biden, Vice President Joe Biden called for “bi-partisanship” and civility in politics.  In the same speech he attacked Republicans for wanting to destroy public education, deny access to health care, and opposing equality for women.

Civility?  Bi-partisanship?


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Have Dems Copyrighted “Just Say No”?

SALISBURY, MD – In the ‘80’s Democrats mocked conservatives, particularly then-First Lady Nancy Reagan, for advocating a “Just Say No” approach to drugs and pre-marital sex.  Twenty five years later left-wing Democrats seem to have copyrighted the term and throw it out at every chance.

Here in Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton uses the phrase every chance he gets to attack the majority bloc of the Salisbury City Council.  Yes, they’re Democrats too, but a tad more conservative when it comes to wasting the taxpayers’ money.

In Virginia, former governor and senior U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) thinks he’s found a new catch phrase as well.  Speaking at the Virginia Dems’ Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (no, that’s Andrew and not Jesse), Warner said:

“Elections matter. Just look at Washington: Congress is broken. The House is being run by a ‘just-say-no’ crowd that can’t seem to say ‘yes’ to anything,’’ Warner said in prepared remarks. “And, unfortunately, we’re beginning to see the worst of this style of politics here in Richmond at the state legislature.’’

Curious …

Since wresting control of the House from Warner’s left-leaning pals on the south side of the Capitol, Republicans have managed to pass a budget (Warner and his Senate buds haven’t passed one for over 1,000 days).  They have voted on entitlement reform and cutting federal spending.  Warner, who continues to con Virginia voters into believing that he is a “moderate” and “bi-partisan”, certainly can’t make that claim.

Perhaps Democrats are more concerned with rhetorical punch lines than actual policy?  Of course not!  Any party that survives on gems like “It’s for the children” and “Just say no” obviously are on the right path to bring our nation back from the economic brink.  I guess we’ve all been wrong.  The true path to fiscal sanity lies in a continuing resolution.

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