Merry Christmas

Christmas is for sharing.  That is the message of British grocers Sainsbury’s.

We agree.

If you are not familiar with the story of the Christmas truce, see the video below.

Above all, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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Anything Goes in Leftist Politics

Saturday’s runoff in Louisiana is over.  Mary Landrieu is enjoying her last few days as an elected official.  Republicans will enjoy an eight seat majority come January.  What’s to worry?

While Louisiana has earned a reputation for lawlessness in its politics, some tactics used in Landrieu’s vain struggle to remain in the U.S. Senate should remain in voters’ (and conservatives’) minds long after Bill Cassidy is sworn in to replace that vestige of crooked cronyism – Mary Landrieu.


“Vote early.  Vote often.” It’s a joke oft-told about politicians.  Is it really a joke?

Thanks to the Black Conservatives Fund, we now know as fact something that many have simply feared:  Democrat politicians encourage [some] voters to vote more than once.

In this case Opelousas, LA mayor Don Cravins, Sr. encourages a group of predominately African-American voters to “Vote Again”.  Mayor Cravins just happens to be the father of Landrieu’s chief-of-staff.  As Louisiana Sen. Elbert Guillory notes in the video, the only think preventing mass voter fraud of the type encouraged by Cravins is voter ID requirements (which Louisiana thankfully has), and a Republican administration in Baton Rouge.


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Common Sense About Disincentive

From Daniel Hannan , MEP –

It’s a funny thing… but if you start taxing countries for doing the right thing, in order to pay countries who are doing the wrong thing, you’re going to end up fewer of the former and more of the latter.

When will politicians ever learn?  The best way to incentivize an economy is to leave it alone.  Neither crony capitalism nor socialism will ever triumph over a truly free market.

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Mary Landrieu – From Bad to Worse


Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) faces an uphill battle to retain her seat.  Her response?  Landrieu is attacking her opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA).  Here is an ad Landrieu’s campaign released Saturday:

According to Democrats, and the mainstream media, it is Republicans (particularly conservative Republicans) who resort to such tactics.  Yet, Landrieu’s ad is void of a single issue.  When the Washington Post agrees that a Democrat ad has gone too far, that’s saying something!

Yet, what can the Louisiana (or national) voter expect?  Sure, Republicans go negative … even nasty.  It’s just that they aren’t so sanctimonious about it.

If you want to see Cassidy’s actual speech, in context – click here.  But as the WaPo’s Chris Cillizza states:

It’s not clear, though, how many people who see the Landrieu ad will, like me, find and then watch the whole nine-minute Cassidy speech. The Landrieu people are hoping not many.

Expect more nastiness from the same candidate (Landrieu) who not so subtly implied that Louisianans who voted for Cassidy were racists and sexists.

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Today’s Geography Lesson

This video illustrates the changes to Europe’s political map over the last 1,000 years.  It’s not news, but it is interesting.

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If Cuccinelli Gives Facts, It’s an ATTACK

The Daily Press’s Shad Plank blog calls this video released by GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli an “attack” ad.  No one questions the facts imparted in the video.  The outlets which have been covering Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe’s less than open departure from GreenTech certainly don’t share a reputation for conservative or Republican bias.  They include Politico, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press.

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Sequester Soul Show at White House

We thought that children were starving and old people were dying because of the sequester?  Yet … we would dare deprive the Obama’s of a little in-house entertainment (or multi-million dollar vacations).

See video at

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Probably The BEST Argument Ever Offered Against Gun Control

We dare any gun control proponent to attempt to refute this.

Transcript PDF

H/T – David Anderson @

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Could Salisbury Use an “Extreme Makeover” Downtown?

It’s been tried in San Antonio.  This weekend it will be tried in Norfolk.  Perhaps Salisbury could benefit from a quick and dirty “Extreme Makeover”?

This weekend a group of volunteers and the urban planning firm Team Better Block will unveil a temporary “makeover” of a neglected section of Granby Street (once Norfolk’s vibrant main thoroughfare).  The key word in this is “temporary”.

Why would a municipality spend thousands of dollars to temporarily fix-up a section of town?  It gives people a chance to not only visualize, but actually experience, a re-vitalization plan.  Rather than spend hundreds of thousands, or millions, of dollars on a plan that may be good … or bad, Team Better Block’s approach is simple:

  • Do Something
  • Do it CHEAPLY
  • Do it QUICKLY

People get to see the potential of an area.  Potential developers / investors can be attracted.  Bureaucracy is curtailed.  The advantages are almost endless.

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Delegate Demonstrates Treachery in Maryland House of Delegates

Maryland Delegate Mike Smigiel (R-36) has posted a video which shows the House Judiciary Committee changing the vote AFTER an amendment had passed.  The amendment, offered by Smigiel, would have increased punishment for criminals convicted of a gun crime.

One of the arguments against Maryland governor Martin O’Malley’s gun control measure is that it punishes law-abiding Marylanders while doing NOTHING to punish criminals or actually prevent gun crime.

The video was prepared by pro – Second Amendment group The Maryland Minutemen.

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Ireton Views on Business and Profit

Last week, Don Rush of Delmarva Public Radio interviewed both candidates for mayor of Salisbury.  The contrast was startling.  While this was not candidate (and SBYNews publisher) Joe Albero’s best interview, he was relaxed and discussed the issues facing the city.  Incumbent mayor Jim Ireton was agitated, sarcastic, interrupted Rush numerous times, and let the world know that Salisbury is NOT a business-friendly community.

See the interviews below.  Ireton’s starts at about 29 minutes in.

Ireton claims great accomplishment.  Nothing is his fault.  If something didn’t happen it was because of the city council, specifically Debbie Campbell.  If businesses believe that Salisbury isn’t business-friendly, it’s THEIR fault, not the city’s.  Oh … and he PLANS to do lots of things IF he’s re-elected.

For every ten people that come to the city, five feel they’ve been treated OK. – Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton

What is most disturbing is Ireton’s attitude towards business.  If you make a profit, you need to pay more.  If the police have to come to your business TWICE in TWO YEARS, the city (NOT a judge) should be able to shut you down.  If you appeal, you have to appeal to the same person who already decided to close your doors.

If you are a businessperson looking to move to Salisbury and you hear the mayor sarcastically asking questions like, “Who made that profit?” or “Somebody’s making money somewhere.” do you think that Salisbury is a great place to do business?

Ireton states, “For every ten people that come to the city, five feel they’ve been treated OK.”  Ireton thinks that’s acceptable!  Do you deal with businesses who take the attitude that they only need to satisfy 50% of their customers?  If you are a business do you want to move to a city that takes this attitude?  If you are a businessperson in Salisbury, do you want to expand in a city that takes this attitude?

You don’t have to give away the store to attract businesses.  You don’t have to make Salisbury unsafe to encourage businesses to expand.  You do need a sea change in attitude.  Satisfying 50% of your customers is NOT acceptable.  Making Salisbury “more progressive” isn’t going to attract business.

Thanks to PAC-14 for providing the video.

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A Lesson in Socialism

I have to PROUDLY thank my eldest son for bringing this to my attention.  The producer has illustrated a valuable lesson, with great humor.

Just as there’s no incentive to work hard if everyone gets the same grade, these principles apply to a whole array of real life examples:

Why is government so inefficient?
When your are spending other people’s money, and it’s almost impossible to lose your job, what is the incentive to spend money wisely and carry out tasks efficiently?

Why does cutting taxes actually increases government revenue (in the macro)?

What is the incentive to work harder to make more income when the government takes an increasing share of every new dollar earned?  At some point the marginal utility of each dollar earned becomes less than spending work time on more leisurely activities.

How did unions destroy American manufacturing?
Starting off as a great (and necessary) idea, America’s labor unions morphed into organizations that demanded pay hikes without productivity increases.  Why increase productivity when you have nearly the same job protection as a government employee?  Oppressive work rules, along with unsustainable benefit packages, either put companies out of business, incentivized employers to move to right to work states, or move their operations overseas.

SOCIALISM – Driving everyone down, NOT raising anyone up!
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Ronald Reagan’s Birthday

Today is the 102nd anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States, victor of the Cold War, enemy of world communism, and architect of the longest period of economic growth in our nation’s history.

The Ronald Reagan Foundation will host a celebration webcast beginning at 8:30 AM (EST).

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Obamacare … In One (Long) Sentence

Dr. Barbara Bellar is a candidate for the Illinois Senate.  She is also the author of the best definition of ObamaCare to date:

So, let me get this straight.  This is a long sentence.  We’re going to be gifted with a healthcare plan that we’re forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least 10 million more people without adding a single doctor but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a President who smokes — [laughter] — same sentence! — with funding administered by a Treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government that has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese — [laughter] — and finally, financed by a country that’s broke.

H/T – Ed Morrissey @ Hot Air

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Biden on Romney – “He’s Gonna Put Y’all Back in Chains”

DANVILLE, VA – Gaffes aplenty along the Dan River, thanks to Vice President Joe Biden.  First, Biden couldn’t figure out which state he was in.  Then, Biden decided to crawl right down into the gutter with the rest of the Obama campaign:

Telling a crowd that included hundreds of African-Americans that Mitt Romney was “…gonna put y’all back in chains” is chump change compared to some of lies being told by Barack Obama and his campaign surrogates.  Unfortunately, it is yet one more example of a ticket that will do anything, say anything, to remain in power.

In Ohio, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney responded:

If Romney’s remarks seem a tad harsh, ask this question – What would be the response from the mainstream media if Romney leveled false charges against Obama similar to those being thrown, on a daily basis, by Obama and his campaign?


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It’s Wednesday – Does Joe Biden Know Where He Is?

DANVILLE, VA – Joe Biden, the man that was supposed to help give Barack Obama gravitas, the human gaffe machine, is at it again.  On a campaign stop in VIRGINIA, he told the voters – “WITH YOU, WE CAN WIN NORTH CAROLINA AGAIN!”

We can expect the mainstream media to levy any possible attack against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Will they ever give equal time to a President who doesn’t know how many states there are in the union or a V.P. that doesn’t have a clue where he is?

H/T – JR Hoeft @ Bearing Drift

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Crossroads Unveils New Anti-Kaine Ad

WASHINGTON – Broadcasters in Maryland are green with envy as Virginia and DC market stations are rolling in newly found revenue thanks to Virginia being a swing state.  In the Hampton Roads market it seems you can’t flip the channel without coming across a Romney, Obama, Allen, Kaine, or Super PAC ad.  We can only assume that this applies to the rest of the Commonwealth as well.  The latest example – a $7.2 buy from Crossroads GPS targeting former governor and Democrat Senate hopeful Tim Kaine:

Just like his pal Barack Obama, Kaine’s comeback is that his record shouldn’t be scrutinized, instead he encourages the media to focus on his opponent – former governor and senator George Allen.

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Hirschbiel Unveils First Commercial

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Paul Hirschbiel, Democratic challenger for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District seat, has launched his first commercial.  Entitled “Teacher”, the ad focuses on Hirschbiel’s commitment to public education.

Hirschbiel is challenging freshman incumbent Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA).  Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District includes Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

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Virginia vs. Maryland … Again

According to the Daily Record:

Maryland lost 4.71 percent, or 6,494, of its small businesses from 2007 to 2010, a decrease that one fiscal policy group chalks up to the state’s tax increases.

The difference between the tax policies, and the flight of capital and jobs, was recently highlighted on the Fox Business Channel:

A key statistic – Virginia ranks as the 7th best place to do business.  Maryland?  40th.  While both states depend heavily on federal dollars, Virginia actively courts business – small and large.  Maryland actively drives businesses away.

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Voters to Barack Obama – “It’s the Economy Stupid”

WASHINGTON – While incumbent President Barack Obama continues to hold on to a virtual tie with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, he lags further and further behind in voters’ views of his handling of the economy.  Currently Romney holds (nationally) a 3 – 1 lead among voters in this area.

Voters invested a lot in Barack Obama in 2008.  He was young, vital, and the first serious African-American candidate for president.  Yet, voters continue to pull away from Obama despite heavy spending on ads attacking Romney.

In the key swing state of Virginia it seems you can’t watch television for more than 20 minutes without seeing at least one Obama ad, almost all of them negative.  Yet the Washington Post, hardly a mouthpiece for the Romney campaign, reports that the race for Old Dominion voters is a tie.

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MDE Secretary – “Let Them Eat Cake”

Thanks to Del. Mike Smigiel (R-36)

Maryland Environment Secretary Robert Summers displays the arrogance typical of Democrats in the Baltimore – DC corridor.  We shouldn’t be surprised that an elitist, “limousine liberal” like Summers thinks that $8,000 is a “modest” sum and that no hard working Maryland citizen should resent ponying up to install a new septic system so that the Chesapeake Bay MIGHT become a tiny bit cleaner.

A career academician and political appointee, Summers has spent his adult life spending other people’s money.  It shouldn’t be a great surprise that Summers takes the attitude that no cost is too great to reach some rationalistic ideal.  Of course, it also means that he gets to continue to spend YOUR hard earned money.

Delegate Smigiel hits the nail right on the head:

In closing Secretary Summers said that these costs are not more than those on public water systems are already paying. I doubt that anyone on public systems are being forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have a child or parent move into their home. The Secretary leaves out of his equation the fact that Septic System owners also pay through out the life of their systems the cost of cleaning and maintaining them.

The Secretary never addresses the taking issue, nor does he attempt to justify the heavy handed tactics of circumventing the legislature other than to say, we believe we can pass regulations without the legislature.

If there was ever any doubt that Gov. Martin O’Malley and his minions have declared war on rural Maryland, the legally questionable tactics of O’Malley appointees like Secretary Summers should leave no doubt.

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Protect the Vote

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain and former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell have released a video attacking the US Department of Justice and its politicizing of the voting process.

Thanks to Flint Engleman of Bearing Drift

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Test of Fire

The Obama administration wants to force Christian institutions, such as the Roman Catholic Church, to violate core doctrine.  For Christians, this is a violation of religious liberty.  For the left, opposition to these federal regulations constitutes a “war on women”.  Fortunately, the Catholic Church is fighting back:

As Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archibishop of Washington, explains, this is an issue of religious liberty.  While the Obama administration claims that an accommodation has been made to handle this issue, Cardinal Wuerl notes that many institutions are self-insured.

Besides this simple fact, it is laughable that forcing insurance companies to “provide contraception coverage for free” somehow keeps a Catholic institution from violating its doctrine.  Where does the money to provide this coverage come from?  If it’s a commercial insurer, the money comes from those that pay premiums.  If the institution is self-insured …

This is but one more problem with electing a president that has NO understanding of the free market … and who prays to the secular god statism.

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Rubio Flipping on Illegal Immigration?

WASHINGTON – Is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) flipping on a core issue to enhance his chances of becoming the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate? The Tea Party darling now seems to be advocating for a path to citizenship illegal aliens.


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How Do You Spell Irony? … P-E-L-O-S-I

WASHINGTON, DC – As a child, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi prayed for religious liberty … in Hungary.  As a member of Congress Pelosi supports stripping Roman Catholics and other pro-life Christians of their religious liberty.


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Occupy Movement Proud of Violence

SAN FRANCISCO – The Occupy Movement, endorsed by the likes of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, has pulled the plug on their “peaceful” façade.  The above video was posted on the AnarchaLA’s YouTube account.

From denying their violent action to showing pride in them, the Occupy Movement is now beginning to more closely resemble the SA, circa 1932.

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New Ad to Premiere in Virginia

WASHINGTON – A new ad attacking President Barack Obama’s record will launch in Virginia.  Crossroads GPS will spend $9.7 million airing the ad in Virginia this month.  Virginia is considered a “must win” state for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney if he is to defeat Obama.

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Obama Switches Stance on Gay Marriage

Obama Now in Favor of Gay Marriage

WASHINGTON – First he was opposed to it.  Then his views “were evolving”.  Now, as he faces a tough re-election bid with defections from his liberal base, President Barack Obama supports same-sex marriage.

With an economy that shows lackluster growth at best, Obama can hardly afford low turnout from his base.  Current polls show Obama trailing among independents, a group he carried strongly in 2008.

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BREAKING NEWS – Chinese Dissident Wants to Come to US

BEIJING – Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has told the AP that US Embassy staff relayed a message to him that the Chinese government threatened to beat his wife to death if he did not leave the American compound in Beijing.

Chen, who fled to the embassy six day ago, left under an agreement in which he would receive medical care, be reunited with his family and allowed to attend university in a safe place. He says he now fears for his safety and wants to leave.

A U.S. official denies knowledge of the threat, but says Chen was told his family would be sent back home if he stayed in the embassy.

Chen left the US Embassy because of those threats and is now in a Beijing hospital.

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Obama Lies … You Are Deceived, Manipulated and Disrespected

In 2010, in order to get his healthcare bill passed, President Obama lied about and demonized doctors because the great majority of them opposed his healthcare bill.

Please review the document in this link.  This document is the actual web site posting by Trailblazer, a private company, which performs administrative functions for Medicare. This document simply shows the actual amount of the payment Medicare made to surgeons who performed foot or lower leg amputations back in 2010. The payment Medicare made to each surgeon for a foot or lower leg amputation was approximately $1000.

Now click the link below to watch our president give one of his crafty healthcare speeches in 2010:

Obama Lies About What Doctors Are Paid

Obama made the assertion that a surgeon was paid 30, 40 or 50 thousand dollars for amputation of a foot (lower leg)! However, you now know that the true figure is approximately $1,000. Clearly, Obama lied. The total cost of a lower leg amputation might be as high as 30 thousand dollars, but the great majority of the 30K or 40K or 50K goes to the hospital, not the surgeon.

[Read more…]

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Tom Carper – Is Senility Setting In?

WASHINGTON – Is Delaware’s senior senator ready for the home?  Watch this video and you decide.

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) Babbling About Using Postal Service Trucks As Battery Farms

For those of you who actually think that Carper’s idea is a good one, think about this for a moment … Under Carper’s ridiculous babbling (we won’t even call it an idea) the US Postal Service’s fleet would either:

  1. Sit idle to let loose that electricity when it’s needed for the grid.  (That’s a pretty expensive battery farm) OR …
  2. The trucks could use the electricity stored in the batteries to deliver mail.  That’s hunky dory until the batteries run out and have to be charged with power from coal or nuclear powered generating plants.  That’s green alright.
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If I Wanted America to Fail …

If I Wanted America to Fail … from

… I would do exactly what the Left has been doing in America for the last 40 years.

If you don’t believe in FREE MARKETS, don’t bother watching this video.  Just remember, it is only in societies with FREE MARKETS and the RULE OF LAW that the poor are able to rise to the middle and upper economic classes.

from Free Market America

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McDonnell to Run Self-Promoting Ad

Bob McDonnell Ad

RICHMOND, VA – Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is taking the unusual step of running a self-promoting ad in a non-election year.  While still popular in the Old Dominion, McDonnell has seen his popularity fall due a contentious General Assembly session.  The purpose of the ad, paid for by McDonnell’s Opportunity Virginia PAC, appears to be an attempt to bolster McDonnell’s political capital and his chances at being presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s VP pick.


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Romney to Nation – “A Better America Begins Tonight!”

MANCHESTER, NH – After sweeping primaries in Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticutt presumptive GOP nominee declares that “A Better America Begins Tonight!”.

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Obama and Olbermann – The Evil Conspiracy of High Gas Prices

WASHINGTON – Disgraced anchorman Keith Olbermann chimed in supporting President Barack Obama’s theory that evil “speculators” are the reason gas prices are through the roof.  Of course, it has nothing to do with a dollar weakened by an additional $5 trillion in federal debt or an administration that refuses to allow new drilling permits.


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Bureaucrats Receive Bonuses for Wasting Taxpayer Dollars

WASHINGTON – Employees of the Government Services Administration (GSA) responsible for planning and implementing the scandalous $800,000+ Las Vegas employee “conference” received cash bonuses for their work.

“It would also appear that a number of GSA bureaucrats who helped arrange the Las Vegas junket were handed cash bonuses for their work in wasting the better part of a million dollars,” Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., said Tuesday.

While the former head of GSA and a few other employees have lost their jobs over the scandal, the investigation continues.


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Obama Administration Flouts Constitution … Again!

WASHINGTON – The Constitution states that only Congress has the authority to declare war.  The Obama administration believes that it needs “international permission” to deploy troops, but doesn’t need Congressional authority.

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O’Malley Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Referendum Petition Approved

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Maryland governor Martin O’Mally signed the HB 438, legalizing same-sex marriage, into law Thursday.  The law will not take effect until at least January 1, 2013.

On Wednesday the Maryland State Board of Elections approved petition language for a referendum petition to overturn the measure.  If the petition sponsors are able to gather the required number of signatures (approximately 56,000) then voters will have the final word as to whether or not the new law takes effect.



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Romney Sweeps AZ, Squeaks By in MI

DETROIT, MI – Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won a 20 point victory, capturing all 29 delegates in yesterday’s Arizona primary.  In his home state of Michigan, Romney managed a 3% win over former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum.  While the two appear to have split Michigan’s delegates, there is a chance that Santorum could wind up with more delegates from the state as 8 Michigan delegates remain unallocated.

Moving into next week’s Super Tuesday primaries, Romney appears to be running behind both Santorum and former Speaker Newt Gingrich.  Currently Romney hold a substantial delegate lead over all of his opponents, but no candidate is near the 1,144 delegates needed to secure the nomination.


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Silent Film Wins “Best Picture” Oscar

LOS ANGELES – In an era dominated by CGI special effects, a silent film won “Best Picture” at last night’s Academy Awards.  The Artist was the big winner, nabbing honors for “Best Picture”, “Best Actor” for its star Jean Dujardin, and “Best Director” for Michel Hazanavicius.  Meryl Streep won her third Oscar for her role as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.


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Rick Santorum? Who Is the Real Zealot?

Source – FOXNews

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The Government Can …

You’ve probably already seen this.  But if not … ENJOY

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Gov. Bob McDonnell Delivers Weekly Republican Address

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2012 Lewes Polar Bear Plunge

LEWES, DE – Almost 4,000 plungers braved the winter temperatures to raise a record amount, over $650,000, to benefit the Delaware Special Olympics.

courtesy of the Cape Gazette

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Oxygen Enhanced Wet Suit to Aid Surfer in Breaking Big Wave Record

MIAMI, FL – Pro big wave surfer Garrett McNamara is hoping that a specially designed, oxygen enhanced wet suit will help him to break his own big wave record.  The wet suit contains an oxygen pocket, designed by hydration pack maker Camelback.  This could allow McNamara to breath underwater for several minutes if pinned underwater by a large wave.

McNamara currently holds the world big wave record – 90 feet.  The record was set off of Nazare, Portugal.  McNamara hopes to break his record in the same area.

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Waterskiing Squirrel Star of Louisville Boat, RV, and Sportshow

LOUISVILLE, KY – Twiggy the squirrel is the star of the show at this year’s Louisville Boat, RV, and Sportshow.

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Martin Luther King Day – 2012

I Have A Dream –August 28, 1963
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Urinating Marines Identified

CAMP LEJUENE, NC – The four Marines seen in a video urinating on dead Taliban fighters have been identified.  The Marines are all members of a sniper unit within the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Division.  It was also disclosed that 7 members of the Marines’ battalion were killed in action during their last deployment to Afghanistan.  While the Marines have been identified, none are currently in custody.

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Sons of Confederate Veterans Fight Lexington Flag Ban

LEXINGTON, VA – Last year the Lexington City Council passed an ordinance banning the flying of Confederate flags from city-owned flag poles.  As Lee-Jackson Day approaches, the local chapter (Camp 1296) of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is taking the matter to court.

While it has been always been our position that flying the Battle Flag (what most people believe to be the “Confederate” flag is really a rectangular version of the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia) is protected by the First Amendment, we also believe that it is, at best, rude; at worst, intimidating.  That said, there are certain places where flying various Confederate flags:  whether the “Bonnie Blue”, the “Stars and Bars”, 2nd Flag, 3rd Flag, a battle flag ,etc. is appropriate.  Lexington, particularly on Lee-Jackson Day is one such place.

While most people who claim that flying the battle flag is “Heritage, Not Hate” have little no historical ties to the Confederacy, places such as Lexington, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Vicksburg, Montgomery, and Charleston have have deep ties to the Confederacy AND to the “War Between the States”.

Banning the flying of historic flags, despite the potential for divisiveness, in such places is short sighted at best.  In places such as Lexington, the Confederacy is a key part of their history.  For some, that history is a source of pride; for others, shame.  To attempt to hide that history is simply revisionism run amok – political correctness at the cost of our true heritage.

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$4,500 Wedding Ring Found Inside Dog

Rachelle Atkinson was unable to wear her wedding ring on her first anniversary.  The culprit?  Her 10 month old Bassett Hound, Coraline.

from The Blaze

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